Give Hope for the Holidays with Sideshow Gives Back 2022!

How does Sideshow Gives Back work?

Sideshow Gives Back is for fans looking to spread a little cheer this holiday season. Every year, Sideshow likes to give back to our fans and collectors, and you can help! If you have a family member, friend, or loved one who needs their spirits lifted this season, nominate them for the Sideshow Gives Back 2022 campaign!

Awesome. How do I nominate someone?

Easy! Head over to our Sideshow Gives Back landing page. There you will find the submission form. Submit your gift recipient’s details, the reason you’re sending this request, and which collectible you think they’d be thrilled to receive.

We will then be selecting a portion of wishes to fulfill and secretly ship out before the holidays as a surprise to the recipients. Please understand that, unfortunately, we cannot fulfill all requests submitted.

Please also note: By submitting, you consent to the use of your name, photographs, and related statements by Sideshow Collectibles in advertising, promotional materials, and on its website, throughout the universe in perpetuity, without notice or compensation, unless prohibited by law.

Past Recipients

We’ve had tons of incredible Sideshow Gives Back stories over the years. Here are just a few lucky recipients who were nominated for a special surprise by friends and family.

From Dale:

“My older brother, Captain Robert, should receive a gift from Sideshow because after 30 years of working as a firefighter, he recently retired. During his 30 year career as a fire fighter, he helped so many people with fires, medical emergencies, car accidents, COVID 19 patients, and he even helped put out wildfires. Recently Robert found out he has to have surgery and receiving a gift from Sideshow would really make him happy. Thanks and Happy Holidays!”

From Matt:

“My daughter totally deserves a special gift this year. She has done an incredible job this year at school. She did quite well at her SAT’s (1340, yay). She is graduating this coming year, and that is why I would love for her to take a Baby Yoda with her when she heads off to college. So, this is just as much a Christmas present as a Graduation present. Thanks Sideshow!”

From Krista:

“Thank you so much for the gift of the Hot Toys Infinity War Thor figure, and for the touching note you sent with it. This has been a terrible year for me and my family, and surprise gift and note really made my Christmas a lot brighter.”


From Tyler:

“Anthony is kind hearted. He never asks of anything from anyone. To me, he is essentially Peter Parker before Peter was bitten by the spider. He doesn’t know his own strength, the power he holds, he’s just waiting for the one pivotal moment for it to be unleashed and his entire life to change.

He lost some of the greatest Spider-Man comics of all time due to an accident in his basement many years ago. I think Anthony is one of the most unique individuals on the planet, because no matter what obstacle he faces, he overcomes it. He’s earned the title of Peter Parker.”

From Brittany:

“My brother Colin has been more than an uncle to my kids. He’s essentially been a father. My kids’ father passed away & he stepped into the role by taking them on trips, teaching them, loving them & being there for them. He spends so much of his time and money on my kids that we all wanted to find a way to show that we wouldn’t make it without him. This would be that way. My son picked this out, but I can’t afford it. This is a chance to show him how much he means to us. Thank you!”

I was completely blown away when I received an unexpected package yesterday! When I read the card and saw that Sideshow had made my son’s Christmas wish come true I was truly in shock!!

I had planned on giving it to him as a gift from Santa, but I decided he should know the truth … that it was a gift from you guys!! When he opened it he was very surprised and soooo happy! He truly appreciates the generous gift and cherishes it daily!

You have brought tears to my eyes. Thank you!!!! Merry Christmas!!

It’s never too early to get into the spirit of the season. Visit Sideshow Gives Back and get started!

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