Who are the Heralds of Galactus?

Galactus is the oldest being in the Marvel Universe. He survived the death of the last universe and entered as the first being into the new Marvel Universe. Over time, he gained massive cosmic power, partially through his creation in this new universe, and partially because of his insatiable and endless desire to consume the life-energies of planets across the universe. It would be the only thing to sustain him.

After eons of traveling the universe, searching for planets by himself, he realized it would save much of his diminishing energies to enlist the aid of a powered being who could find the planets for him. This being would be imbued with the Power Cosmic to become his eternal servant and his Herald.

It is an honor and a terrible role to play all the same, and Galactus has a nigh-insatiable hunger. Who has dutifully served the world-eater over the ages? Let’s meet just a few of the most prominent Heralds of Galactus.

Silver Surfer

Norrin Radd was one of the many beings on the planet of Zenn-La. It was a technologically advanced world brimming with power, and it was that power that attracted Galactus in the first place.

When Galactus arrived, only Norrin Radd was brave enough to offer himself as a sacrifice. He offered to become the Herald of Galactus in exchange for the safety of his homeworld. Galactus accepted and imbued the Silver Surfer with the Power Cosmic.

Due to the Power Cosmic, Silver Surfer has innumerable abilities. Not only is he able to channel the ambient cosmic energy rippling through the universe, he is able to manipulate energy in near infinite ways. He can manipulate matter, create black holes, time travel, dimension-hop, and of course, fly in his search for worlds for his master.

He typically flies on a cosmic surfboard comprised of the same invulnerable material as the Surfer himself. He has been the longest serving, most famous Herald of Galactus, and even when others take on the mantle, he has always returned to the role.


Frankie Raye was once the adopted daughter of Phineas T. Horton, an inventor of a heroic android by the name of Human Torch. When Horton realized Johnny Storm had taken that hero name, he tried to recreate the android, but accidentally gave his daughter fire-based powers in the process.

When Galactus came to Earth, just like Silver Surfer, she offered herself as a servant in exchange for the safety of her homeworld. Galactus agreed and she became Nova.

While Nova originally had a weaker version of the Human Torch’s powers, when imbued with the Power Cosmic, she has the powers of a bright star. Not only that, but she a cosmic knowledge of the universe, allowing her to navigate her interstellar travel at impossible speeds.

She and the Silver Surfer became friends, and ultimately, worked together to try and defeat another of Galactus’ heralds.


Galactus crash lands on Asgard with a warning of a terrible threat: the Black Winter, a multiversal force that could consume not only worlds, but entire universes. To Asgardians, it was known as Fimbulwinter, and was meant to ignite the coming of Ragnarok. The Black Winter promised the final death of the Universe, and the only one who had the ability to stop it was Galactus himself.

To gain that power, he would have to devour 5 particularly powerful planets, and Galactus came to Asgard specifically seeking Thor’s help by making the god a herald. After gaining the Silver Surfer’s advice, Thor accepted this new role.

He held the Power Cosmic and the Odinforce at once. He was the King of all Asgard, powerful enough to even pull more of the Power Cosmic from Galactus.

He became arguably the most powerful Herald of Galactus to ever exist. Only with all that power available was Thor able to defeat the Black Winter, but not before learning that Galactus himself had once been the Black Winter’s own herald meant to warn the galaxies of their imminent destruction. The Black Winter even showed Thor a vision of his death- at the hands of Thanos, wielding an Infinity Hammer.

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