Wolverine Versus Everyone: The Best Battles Wolverine Has Fought

There are not many contenders who can give Wolverine a good fight. After all, Logan is the best there is at what he does… and what he does isn’t very nice. Still, even with an unbreakable adamantium skeleton, foot-long razor-sharp claws, and arguably the best healing factor in town, every once in a while someone comes along that can give the X-man a run for his money.

So look out, bub, here come four contenders that can go toe to toe (or claw to claw) with Weapon X himself.

The Incredible Hulk

It’s common knowledge that Wolverine made his comic book debut in the pages of The Incredible Hulk. As an agent of the Canadian government at the time, it was Logan’s job to stop the Hulk’s rampaging battle with the Wendigo.

Since that day, the two have come to blows many times (both in canon and out) sometimes with the Hulk coming out on top, and other times Wolverine emerging with the upper hand. Most times however, it ends up a stalemate or they get interrupted and have to team-up to take on a greater threat. Good thing too as both fighters having remarkable healing powers and their fights could potentially rage on for days.


There is no love lost between the savage Wolverine and the Master of Magnetism. While they have at times been on the same side to save all of Mutant-kind, more often than not the two are trying to kill each other. In hand to hand fighting, it’s really no contest as Wolverine can and will slice into Magneto easily… but that requires him to get close enough to do so and why would Magneto let that happen when he has the advantage of attacking at range?

During one of their most famous clashes, the conflict reached a horrifying climax when Magneto pulled the adamantium metal bonded to Wolverine’s skeleton out of his body, leaving Logan nearly dead and making his healing factor work overtime just to survive.


The start of Wolverine and Deadpool’s antagonistic relationship goes back to the Weapon X project. You see, the famous Merc with a Mouth got his amazing regenerative abilities in an attempt to replicate Logan’s power with a normal human. It worked but almost too well…

They have tried to kill each other many, many, many times and most of those times they were fairly evenly matched. Eventually, their mutual dislike turned into something of a begrudging respect, with the two teaming up more often than fighting each other… But every once in a while there is that itch that needs to be scratched, and what better way to do it than with claws and swords?


You can’t have a “Wolverine Versus” article without mentioning Sabretooth. If anyone is considered to be Wolverine’s archenemy, it’s him. And with good cause too, as the two characters have a long and complicated history together. It doesn’t help that said long and complicated history is also riddled with many implanted false memories and full on mind-wipes, to the point where it is amazing the two haven’t gone completely bonkers trying to recollect their lives.

At one point Sabretooth was Wolverine’s father… no wait, he was his brother… no wait, they were never related… no wait… oh never mind. It also doesn’t help that they have nearly identical powers and abilities, but where Wolverine tries to control his more animalistic side, Sabretooth embraces it. Needless to say, the bad blood runs deep, and the two will always end up crossing claws until one puts the other down… permanently.

Whether hero or heel, there are very few fighters that could give Wolverine a run for his mutant money.  What are some of your other favorite clawed clashes fought by Wolverine?  Let Your Geek SideShow and let us know in the comments!