World-Renowned Porcelain Designer Lladró Debuts Stunning Queen Amidala Figurine

The iconic and world-renowned Spanish brand Lladró, known for its incomparable luxury porcelain artwork, has branched out into a galaxy far, far away to bring collectors a unique Star Wars collectible creation. The Queen Amidala in Throne Room Figurine captures the prestige and regality of the child queen of Naboo in an unbelievable, high-end presentation for discerning collectors.

Lladró’s porcelain designs span fine sculpture to lighting, home accessories, and jewelry, all crafted with talent and attention to detail to make these creations some of the most highly sought-after and valuable collectibles in the fine art world. Founded in 1953 by three brothers, the company has continued to evolve and flourish, creating increasingly complex and detailed handcrafted pieces. Each porcelain creation is modeled, carved, etched, painted, fired, and glazed to create the stunning and unique pieces for which Lladró is beloved around the world.

The Queen Amidala in Throne Room Figurine is a unique new offering from Lladró, who have previously rendered animated Disney characters in beautifully painted porcelain. This collectible, measuring over 21″ tall, marks their first foray into the Star Wars universe, recreating the likeness of the young Natalie Portman with the utmost care and precision.

Over 800 hours of work went into the creation of this piece, which features glaze, enamel, and golden luster to embody every brilliant detail of Amidala’s most iconic gown. The matte white porcelain finish perfectly recreates her signature makeup, and delicate paint application completes the stylized eyes and lips of this striking look.

Queen Amidala‘s gown as been carefully sculpted with lifelike detailing, varying paint finishes, and hand-etched textures to recreate all of the most intricate aspects of her full throne room regalia. Even her hair and headdress have volume and style, faithful to the queen’s unforgettable appearance in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

The Queen Amidala in Throne Room Figurine is now available for pre-order through Sideshow, expected to arrive between January and February of 2020. Highly limited to only 1000 pieces worldwide, this incredible porcelain fine art collectible is sure to be a cherished piece in any Star Wars fan’s collection.

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