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Just you wait- I’m full of surprises.”

Bow before the White Queen! Sideshow is proud to present the Emma Frost Premium Format™ Figure, the next addition to the X-Men Collection.

The Emma Frost Premium Format™ Figure measures 19.5” tall as the talented telepath takes a stand on a destroyed Cerebro room base. Cyclops’s visor, Juggernaut’s footprint, and Wolverine’s distinctive claw marks can be seen among the debris of the mutant mindwave device.

Captured in a moment of intense telepathic focus, the Emma Frost Premium Format™ Figure looks elegant in her flowing white fabric cape, custom tailored with internal wiring to allow for posing. Emma Frost wears a sculpted white costume along with gloves and boots, all detailed with lifelike textures of stitching and lacing, subtly patterned with her diamond motif. Her blonde hair flows around her beautiful portrait as she focuses her immense mental powers on stopping the threat at hand.

Pair Emma Frost with other notable faces from Sideshow’s X-Men collection, including Wolverine, Mystique, and Magneto, to create the ultimate mutant display in your Marvel collection.

It doesn’t take a mind reader to know you need the Emma Frost Premium Format™ Figure in your lineup of mutant Marvel collectibles!

Additional Details
Product Size
Height: 19.5" (49.5 cm)
Width: 11" (27.9 cm)
Depth: 8" (20.3 cm) *

Box Size
Height: 14.00" (35.6 cm)
Width: 20.00" (50.8 cm)
Depth: 22.00" (55.9 cm) *

Shipping Weight
18.00 lbs (8.2 kg) *

* Size and weight are approx. values
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(c) 2018 MARVEL


4 Reviews
Home run As always
September 23, 2020  |   landon w. | Edition: Collector Edition
5 star review

Man beautiful. Love all the Easter eggs in this. Not to crazy on the cape being real an not sculpted. But other then that a must buy. Great for any X-Men fans collection.

White Queen indeed!!
October 16, 2019  |   Jason T. | Edition: Exclusive

My 2nd PF for my X-Men collection, and couldn't be happier. The sculpt is beautiful. Only complaint is the non-exclusive portrait had the wonky eyes going two different locations. However the glorious Customer Service crew at Sideshow got me a replacement in no time. Now I have a perfect piece for my collection. Thanks SS!!!

Expectations EXceeded
August 19, 2019  |   Robert D. | Edition: Exclusive

Very pleased. I have a few Emma Frost statues and this is probably my new favorite. I especially like the EX portrait more than I expected and displayed it with that. It looks much better in person (just my opinion!). The paint app is also very nice, the skin tones and the costume. Keep the X-men coming.

You've a Good Imagination.... Let's see if I Can Oblige You!
July 23, 2019  |   Darren A. | Edition: Exclusive

FIRST: Thank you to old friend MH, who had this figure bought and shipped to me. Thanks also to the SS-CS staff who made sure things went off well.
Whilst, I love the clean lines of the previous version of Emma Frost (sculpted together with the older Rogue), when the updated figures were offered, and already getting Buzzsaw Rogue it became necessary to have this lass as well.
The Exclusive version here is, as always is the way to go. The charged head being far more fitting to the wreckage of the base details IMO.
Physically, the paintwork overall is excellent, especially the pearlescent quality of the outfit; very noticeable under good lighting.
Other paintwork - both figure and base - is up there with the Rogue maquette, and though a 'simpler' figure in many ways, close inspection will reveal subtle details in molding and shading all over the diorama.
One minor issue though - which does not bother me, but might others. On the 'standard' head I received, the eyes are slightly misaligned (right eye looking 'dead ahead' and left looking 'deep left'). I cannot say if this is common to the figure (I think this is unlikely), or if I was landed with a lemon (which seems more probable).
However, as I begged for the exclusive version for the supercharged head, which will adorn Emma 99.99% of the time, it does not worry me at all.
However, 'caveat emptor' is the thing to remember. Likewise remember that if you do likewise receive a defective head, and act fast, the more likely Sideshow will be able to correct any obliquities.
So a 10/10 from me, the eye defect notwithstanding.