Featured Collector: Ryno Farrokhi

Ryan ‘Ryno’ Farrokhi

Location:     California




I enjoy collecting because of the pure nostalgic feeling of getting a new toy. I remember as a child getting a new toy, opening it up, playing with the accessories… This just brings me back, in a more mature, yet still childlike fashion.

I started as a kid, around 5-8 years old, collecting Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers toys, and eventually graduated to McFarlane Spawn and Sports Picks figures. I took a long hiatus and got into other hobbies, like sports jerseys and watches, but I fell back into love with toys when I saw an article about the Hot Toys Bane (actually linked via a watch article featuring a Bane watch by Diesel).

Now I collect Hot Toys and other sixth scale figures, and I haven’t looked back since! I’ve even started my own YouTube channel, and a blog where I review sixth scale figures called Glitch Force. As you can see, I am very passionate about this hobby!

I’m just getting into statues, with the Apocalypse Premium Format Figure on pre-order (but technically he’s 1/6 scale too, since he can grow to any size :c).