The Best Quotes from the Star Wars: Andor Premiere

After a highly anticipated release, Star Wars: Andor™ premiered with three intense episodes. The prequel television series follows Cassian Andor™ as he rises to become the committed and trusted spy who audiences know and love from Rogue One: A Star Wars™ Story. About 40 minutes long each, the three premiere episodes intertwine Cassian’s past with his present and future, finishing with a daring escape.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, of course, we should explore the episodes themselves. They’re filled with tension, action, and emotion. While there are many very quiet or very loud moments, as befitting a political/military drama, there are also quite a few notable quotes. So join us below as we break down the best quotes from Andor β€” so far.

“Other pocket.”

β€” Cassian Andor, Episode 1

Andor Episode 1 begins with Cassian on the hunt for some intel. It’s not for the Rebel Alliance, however β€” this is personal. Cassian enters a shady establishment that sells liquor and love. After a while, he reveals he’s looking for his long-lost sister. But he’s brushed off by the hostess and, what’s worse, he’s hounded by two security officers.

In the street, the officers attempt to rob Cassian. He puts his hands up in alleged surrender, telling him to check his coat for his wallet. When the officer doesn’t find anything, Cassian explains that he should search elsewhere β€” and then he promptly head-butts his harasser. Cassian wins the fight rather easily.

“Tell me now. Tell me what to do! Let’s hear it, boss!”

β€” Cassian Andor, Episode 1

Once Cassian has the upper hand, he delivers this extraordinarily confident line. It’s well-earned. After all, the officers were treating Cassian like a common criminal and subordinate. Cassian has every right to gloat and mock the men. Unfortunately, his anger quickly gives way to fear as he realizes one of the officers is dead. That doesn’t bode well for Cassian at all.

Cassian kills the other officer β€” only one can keep a secret, after all. Then he flees the scene.

“I can lie. I have adequate power resources.”

β€” B2EMO, Episode 1

Cassian returns to a small hideout where his family droid awaits. B2EMO™, or Bee™, is a laggy and lovable unit who inquires after Cassian’s wellbeing. And while Cassian doesn’t seem to be honest or open with many people in his life, he does confide in Bee a bit. Bee even knows Cassian’s true origins β€” that he was born on the planet Kenari™, not Fest™. Of course, this closeness is exploited mostly so Cassian can ask Bee to lie to protect him.

Bee’s response is hilarious. Apparently it takes the droid a lot of energy to lie, and Cassian is asking for two lies, even. He’ll have to dip into reserve power for those, or shut off for awhile. Bee’s “powering down” habit will be referenced throughout the next three episodes with both fondness and frustration.

“Is it too late?”

β€” Bix, Episode 2

Bix™ is an old acquaintance of Cassian’s as well as a mechanic and smuggler of sorts. She’s incredibly intelligent and does everything in her power to help Cassian out of his bind β€” AKA running from the authorities after murdering two officers. However, her good deeds don’t go unpunished. Timm™, her romantic partner, grows jealous and suspicious of her relationship with Cassian. Bix and Timm are pushed apart by secrets and lies.

Late at night, though, Bix is troubled by her long day. She seeks comfort from Timm. Standing outside his door, she asks if it’s too late β€” referencing both the hour and the relationship. This soft moment, with feelings guarded and disguised behind polite inquiries, gives a war-based series its heart.

“Face your men, yourself, the rest of your life, knowing you did less than everything you possibly could?”

β€” Sergeant Mosk, Episode 2

In opposition to our tender couple, we have the war-hungry Sergeant Mosk™. After gathering his men for a firefight, he addresses Deputy Inspector Syril™, who is just as adamant about invading the planet Ferrix™. And look, out of context, this quote is pretty inspiring. The Sergeant advocates giving your all in the face of injustice.

However, Mosk and Syril are villains. They’re violating higher command’s orders, and they’re also going after Cassian. So while we applaud the sentiment, we can’t support them as they lay siege upon the city.

“They can’t imagine it … That someone like me would ever get inside their house, walk their floors…”

β€” Cassian Andor, Episode 3

As tensions brew outside, Cassian and Luthen Rael™ meet inside an old warehouse. Cassian wants to sell an old Imperial part, worth thousands of credits, to this mysterious buyer. Luthen β€” as yet unnamed in the series, though outside sources have confirmed his identity β€” is fascinated by Cassian’s ability to steal this valuable item. He asks Cassian how he accomplished such a dangerous task.

“You just walk in,” Cassian explains. He monologues about the Empire’s arrogance, and how they’ll always overlook someone who looks, acts, and lives like him. While Cassian isn’t yet the master spy and assassin he’ll learn to be, he has the exact makings to be one because he’s spent so much of his life thieving.

“Rule number one: Build your exit on your way in.”

β€” Luthen Rael, Episode 3

Luthen obviously has some experience in espionage and subterfuge, as well. When their rendezvous is surrounded by officers, Luthen keeps his cool. Not haughtily, but rather simply, he informs Cassian that there are explosives rigged around the entire building. Cassian is wildly impressed. Right away, we’re pretty sure Luthen is going to be the man to teach him everything about this Rebellion β€” and how to win it from the inside out.

So there’s rule number one, about exits. Earlier, Luthen also taught Cassian the lesson of never carrying something you personally can’t control. Cassian shows he’s catching on when he grabs Syril’s comm and crushes it beneath his boot. Time for a new Master and Apprentice to take center stage in a galaxy far, far away, it seems.

“That’s what a reckoning sounds like.”

β€” Maarva, Episode 3

Finally, Maarva™ delivers quite possibly the best quote of all three episodes. After a bunch of officers break into her home and assault her, she relaxes in a chair amid a chorus of protests from her neighbors. Technically, she’s being held captive. But her perspective on the situation is a lot different, especially once the warning bells outside begin to form a resonant pattern from the citizens’ combined guerrilla effort.

When Maarva sees the noise is getting to the officers, she smiles and tells them that they should really be afraid of the point when the clanging stops. It does, and the ensuing controlled chaos is what allows Cassian to escape. Knowing he’s gone, she sheds a few tears for her adopted son and the trials to come. But she also knows it’s his time to fight back and find his place in the galaxy.

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