The 10 Greatest Witch Movies of All Time

When we think of Halloween, we think ghouls, goblins, and black-caped witches. How can we not think of the latter? The word “witch” is essentially synonymous with October 31st. Strangely enough, the two have distinct origins but for whatever reason, they are now inextricably linked. We’re not complaining.

Witches, whether portrayed as good or bad, are always painted as strong magical entities that are in control of their destiny. That’s why we want to celebrate the most famous and beloved movie depictions of all kinds of magical ladies.

Here are the 10 best movies about witches you have to see this Halloween season.

10.) Beautiful Creatures

We start our list with one of the most underrated witch movies of all time. The 2013 film has a Rotten Tomato score of 47% but many fans of the book and occult themes vouch for Beautiful Creatures.

The YA book-to-movie is highly fitting for anyone looking to be bewitched this season. It follows Lena Duchannes, who belongs to a cursed family, as she moves to a new town. On her 16th birthday, the family curse will dictate whether she will belong to the Light or Dark side. Add in her star-crossed mortal lover, Ethan, and you have yourself a very juicy story similar to Twilight except that witches reign supreme here.

9.) The Witches of Eastwick

Here is another favorite book-to-movie adaptation. The novel of the same name written by John Updike is regarded as one of the best witch texts of all time—the same prestige is also linked to the movie.

How can fans not love The Witches of Eastwick? The all-star cast is everything you’d want in an ’80s movie. The three powerful witch sisters are played by Cher, Susan Sarandon, and Michelle Pfeiffer. Who stars as their antagonist? Jack Nicholson, of course.

As for the plot, all we’ll say is that when Daryl Van Horne (played by Nicholson) comes to town, the 3 sisters’ wishes come true, but not without a price.

8.) Kiki’s Delivery Service

If you’re in the mood for something lighthearted but just as magical as any other witch movie, consider watching Kiki’s Delivery Service.

The anime follows Kiki, a 13-year-old witch in training. The story has everything you come to expect from witch lore: broomsticks, black cat familiars, and the ultimate hero/witch journey where Kiki must learn to fully embrace her powers.

7.) Teen Witch

What would our witch movies list be without this totally rad and silly ’80s teen film? Teen Witch is for Halloween-goers who just want to watch something fun and dazzling.

Watch Louise Miller (played by Robyn Lively) discover magical abilities awakened by her 16th birthday. Instead of trying to rule the world, Louise Miller is stuck on using her magic for high school popularity. If you enjoyed Sabrina The Teenage Witch, you’ll love this one.

6.) Halloweentown

There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who have watched Halloweentown and swear by it, and those that have been living under a rock.

The Disney film started little enough, airing on TV with a small unknown cast (except for Debbie Reynolds) but instantly rose to popularity. This is a must-have for witch and Halloween movie marathons. Watch Marnie (Kimberly J. Brown) discover her true magical origins and experience Halloweentown⁠—a place true to its name with year-round monsters and sinister villains hiding in plain sight.

If you like the first one—we guarantee you will—you can look forward to a whole series and a real month-long Halloweentown celebration in St. Helens, Oregon.

5.) Practical Magic

For the mature, sensible viewer, pop Practical Magic into the DVD player. The ’90s film stars the brilliant Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman as sisters Sally and Gillian Owens. The two have been raised by their aunts after their parents’ death and let’s just say their upbringing is anything but ordinary.

The sisters grow up and aim to live a life focused on restraining their powers. Their self-imposed limitations on magic are due to a family curse. Men who fall in love with them die. What mortal man is doomed to die for love? Grab a margarita and enjoy (sadly, only Owens sister can brew one up with magic).

4.) The Witch (stylized The VVitch)

Are you in the mood for something haunting? Are you craving a film that is reflective and parallel to the real Salem Witch Trials? 2015’s The Witch is what you’re looking for.

It’s the newest movie on our top 10 list of best witch movies, so that means current audiences dig its realistic approach to witchcraft and witch history. Set in 1630 puritanical New England, it tells the tale of a family banished from their colony over religious disputes. Soon, the family finds that their unbaptized baby has disappeared. A witch has stolen the child for dark magic…

3.) Hocus Pocus

Whether you’ve watched this only once or every Halloween since birth, you and I both know this year is going to be no different. Hocus Pocus is the ultimate Halloween classic. It’s hilarious, fun, and the Sanderson sisters’ over-the-top acting is *chef kiss*.

For the uninitiated, the film stars Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy as a resurrected coven who are back on Halloween night to suck out all the children’s souls to regain their youth. CLASSIC.

2.) Harry Potter series

The Harry Potter film series has everything a witch-lover would want. It has witches, wizards, magical creatures, wands, dragons, and rich magical lore. You name it, J.K. Rowling’s book-to-movie adaptations have it.

It’s strange that so many lists like this completely forget the wizarding world altogether. Don’t make that mistake. Instead, revisit Hogwarts all over and fall in love with all things HP again.

1.) The Craft

There used to be a time when The Wicked Witch of The West reigned supreme, but then The Craft came along. It’s arguably the most accurate depiction of real-life witches. That’s why it’s a cult classic (plus, it inspired some major fashion trends).

Nancy, Bonnie, and Rochelle are misfits stuck in a preppy Catholic high school. When Sarah comes along as the new girl, the three friends believe they have found the fourth to finally complete their coven and plan to use magic for their own gain. Allegedly, the movie stuck so true to witchcraft that strange occurrences were reported throughout filming.

Which witch movie is your favorite? Let us know if your favorite made the list in the comments below!

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