10 Creatures from The Bestiary of The Witcher

Geralt of Rivia is a Witcher, a mutant monster hunter for hire. There are a wide array of creatures, beasts, and banes that Geralt must dispose of in his dangerous line of work. As a Witcher, you come across so many beasts, that it only makes good sense to catalogue them, so that you might be prepared for when you inevitably see them again.

Here are 10 creatures that all Witchers should be prepared to dispose of and their known weaknesses.

The Frightener

Description: The Frighteners are a strange beast, created only through magical experimentation. They require an incredible amount of attention to detail, knowledge, and control of magic, and knowledge of mutation to create. They are quite large and powerful opponents, whose bug-like features are only made more terrifying by its natural armor. It is a creature of pure destruction.

Weaknesses: They are, despite all their terrifying strengths, sensitive to steel and silver, and are not particularly fond of loud sounds at high frequencies.

The Echinopsae

Description: Echinopsae are a species of carnivorous plant. They are spawned, not by nature, but rather upon cursed Earth. They grow where atrocities and crimes have come to pass, or on the graves of the victims of said atrocities. Naturally, because they are plants, they feel no pain, and thus their attack is relentless. They are known to project poisonous thorns. Avoid at all cost.

Weaknesses: Let us not forget, though, that they are plants. Enough flame will do any plant in.

The Ghouls

Description: Ghouls are a common problem in this world. Like most beasts, they hunger. However, their hunger is for flesh. Most ghouls will be found in cemeteries, where during a full-moon they will feast to their heart’s content, and hunt for the living when their supply runs dry. They are meddlesome, but manageable.

Weaknesses: It needn’t be said what weaknesses they have, for they are but a trifle for any Witcher worth his salt.

The Alghouls

Description: Alghouls are a different story than the ghouls: larger, and with a hunger for living flesh like no other. The Alghouls are volatile and aggressive unlike their smaller counterparts. They always prefer to hunt living flesh, for their desire to prepare their meal is much stronger. They crave flesh unlike any standard ghoul you’ve seen before, and they will fight for it.

Weaknesses: They often travel in groups, and they are large, so weaknesses they have few. It is suggested to use silver and Strong Style fighting against them.

The Drowners

Description: Rumor has it that the Drowners were once men who were simply left to drown in the deep blue waters of a lake. And yet, a Witcher knows better. These are simply myths, but the people care not for the truth. The truth is that Drowners are fish-like vengeful pack creatures with scales and gills. They are not dead men, but they’re just about as smart as one.

Weaknesses: Their balance is poor, they dislike silver, and they are best defeated with Fast Style fighting. They are hideous, so to dispose of them quickly is to do all parties a great favor.

The Drowned Dead

Description: The Drowned Dead are an insidious, and significantly stronger than their Drowner cousins. Their greatest threat is their strength in numbers, and the fear that they cause. There are legends that they are not simply men who drowned, but criminals whose crimes keep them from both heaven and hell. They stay in this world, stuck in a cycle of wreaking havoc until they are killed.

Weaknesses: Just like drowners, they dislike silver. They must be dealt with efficiently, for their attacks are stronger and they are even more resilient.

The Beast

Description: The Beast is another name for the Hellhound. It is a creature straight from the underworld, a demon of sorts shaped as a hound with a nose made for hunting and tracking. The Beast is a force of pure vengeance and pure evil. They bring blood. They bring pain. They bring hell with them. And often other nightmarish creatures follow in their wake. They only arrive at midnight, and they often attempt to trap their victims in a circle of hellish fire. Be careful not to be caught inside their fiery snare.

Weaknesses: One should keep their distance from the Beast, only approaching to strike with their steel sword. Stun them with your Aard sign, for your telekinetic push will keep them pinned and keeps you from getting singed by the fire.

The Barghest

Description: The Barghest are creatures of the night. They can summoned by the Hellhound itself. They hunt in packs late at night. Once again, rumors say that they are cursed canines, or ghosts of pure revenge. As a Witcher, their origin doesn’t matter. Only their swift deaths. They are, in fact, ghostly. They will surround their prey, making a ring of themselves, as opposed to the Hellhound’s ring of fire. They do have phantom fire themselves, too, so do not interpret their distance as defense.

Weaknesses: Individually, they are not particularly strong. Catch them alone, and they’re an easy kill. As spectral beings, using your Aard sign may knock them down and give you the upper hand.

The Ifrit

Description: The Ifrit are genies of pure fire, summoned from the Plane of Fire by particularly powerful mages. These genies do not grant wishes, as some are so common to hope for. However, if the Ifrit find that their summoner possesses great power and knowledge of the true nature of flame and fire, then they are eager to serve and commit an array of deadly atrocities on behalf of their summoner.

Weaknesses: One might assume that water would douse the flames of this beast, but their rage is so great and their fire all-consuming. Do not forget that they come from another realm, the Plane of Fire. Like all beasts from different realms, a silver blade coated in Specter Oil will often be your best best.

The Wyvern

Description: Wyverns, as you likely already know, are scaly creatures with long necks, trident tails, and of course, wings. They’ve only two legs, though each leg is powerful enough to carry even the largest of men and animals, not even accounting for the deadly grip of their claws. Their tails are venomous and truly their most dangerous feature. You can largely ignore their teeth-filled beak, unless you are a fool enough to be caught in its bite. These creatures are not dragons, and do not breathe fire. They do spit venom, however.

Weaknesses: None.

They are not weak while airborne, nor are they weak when grounded. However, they are slower when grounded, and with enough careful planning, it is possible to kill them. Bombs help. Try bombs.

Which of these creatures from The Witcher is your favorite?