4 home made Star Wars vehicles that rock – literally

Star Wars fans simply never cease to amaze us. Coming at you from some of the most incredible craftsmen and parents in the galaxy, check out these home made Star Wars inspired rocking chairs. Forget those old-fashioned horse models, this is the furniture every kid is looking for.

4. AT-AT Rocking Chair

If you don’t think this AT-AT Rocker is one the coolest things ever, well, we find your lack of faith disturbing. Created by EPBOT writer Jen Yates and her husband John, this adorable wooden Imperial Walker is Vader tested and approved. The finished piece was donated to the Florida Garrison of the 501st last year for a silent charity auction at MegaCon.

3. Tauntaun Rockers

Imperials, Rebels, Bounty Hunters… if you’ve got the credits, woodworking artisan Chuck Bowman has got the stuff! And among his most popular creations comes the tauntaun rocking chair. Even Star Wars ultra collector Steve Sansweet of Rancho Obi-Wan fame couldn’t resist owning one of these wonderful wooden reptomammals.

2. Speeder Bike Rocking Chair

Inspired by the famous chase scene in from Return of the Jedi, Australian-based Instructables user Tez_Gilmer, hand-crafted this Speeder Bike for his little princess’ first birthday. It comes complete with a glowing red light-up blaster cannon with sound effects, triggered by a button on the rocker.

His step-by-step Instructables guide goes into great detail on the build with templates and tips to help other fans build their own rockers for their own offspring. Of course, it helps if you already have some advanced woodworking skills and a 3D printer handy.

1. X-Wing and R2-D2 Rocker

This insanely detailed hand-made masterpiece comes from DeviantArt member Steves Wooden Toys.

As a special tribute to help raise money for his local children’s hospital, Star Wars fan Steve Coupe built this impressive wooden X-wing fighter, complete with removable R2-D2. The Force is definitely strong with this one.