6 moments of crisis only collectors will understand

Everyone must face difficult choices and soul-searching indecision in life, but here are 6 moments of crisis only collectors will understand.

1. Existential awareness. I play, therefore I am (a nerd).

“Are you a nerd if you spend $140 USD on a movie accurate 12″ action figure? No. Unless you play with it. Sometimes. Which I maybe do. Whatever βœ‹”

2. Funding the addiction. (For the record, Sideshow does not accept organs as currency.)

“I’m looking at this statue and wondering which part of my organ I have to sell to get it lol…” –pravindbajaj

3. When you’ve got 99 problems and collecting is one.

“You ever want figures more than a stable relationship? Cause I do all the time.” –Hector Romero

4. Collectors insomnia πŸ™ The struggle is real.

“What to do when I can’t sleep? Take pictures of my statues.” –Le0.G

5. Resisting the urge to mess with perfection…

“Took me forever to get this pose right! Haha. And I actually may change it again tonight. Lol.” –white_pages

(…the next day.)

“Love this pose even more! Lol. Hopefully I don’t change it again.” –white_pages

6. The day you consider never moving again.

“My current situation. The struggle of having to pack away your toys
😢😢😢” –chiefgeekphotography