A Special Aspen Variant Premium Format™ Figure will Surface at NYCC!

From the depths of Fathom, Sideshow is excited to unveil a special Aspen Variant Premium Format™ Figure that will make its first ever appearance at New York Comic Con 2018, at Booth #1912.

Created by the late, great Michael Turner, Aspen Matthews is a beautiful and accomplished marine biologist with a mysterious past. As an elite member of the mysterious race called the Blue, Aspen Matthews can manipulate water to her will, using it to create tsunamis and to even turn her physical body into water.  This figure takes Aspen to the height of her mystical abilities, with her whole body taking on a frosted-translucent appearance as she becomes one with the waves.

This beautiful and one-of-a-kind collectible will not be available for traditional purchase.  Instead, this extremely unique statue will be utilized in the future as an auction item or a giveaway.  Keep an eye out for where she will surface next!

This incredible tribute to Michael Turner’s comic book legacy will be on display at Booth #1912 all NYCC weekend.  Stop by to get your first look at this figure, along with the newly announced Grace Premium Format™ Figure coming soon for Soulfire fans!

If you’re looking to add the aquatic magic of Aspen Matthews to your collection, the Exclusive and Collector editions of the standard Aspen Premium Format™ Figure are available for order and are currently shipping!  Order the Exclusive Edition and display Aspen with her water power hand to capture the magic of her elite Blue abilities.

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For full instructions about how to purchase the Neon Tech Iron Man from Sideshow Booth #1912, and to RSVP for release information on the figure, visit side.show/neontech.  For more information about how to snap up Sideshow’s NYCC Exclusive Infinity Gauntlet Pin, visit side.show/pinquest.

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