Sideshow Feature Collector: Douglas Levron

Collector: Douglas Levron

Location: Houma, Louisiana

How and when did you start collecting?

I’ve been a fan of Iron Man since the original MCU release. I Started collecting Iron Man movie posters in 2013 when my sister in law (who worked at a theater) bought me an Iron Man 3 poster after the premier. I had the poster framed and then sought out to purchase IM1 and IM2 posters (all three are still framed and hanging in the photos). After that my collection began growing. exponentially.  In 2015 my mom surprised me with a Beast Kingdom life size Mark 42 statue. Last year I remodeled our theater room and designed everything to backdrop my Iron Man collection. I still continue to collect today.

What do you collect? Does your collection have a theme, such as Star Wars Collectibles, Batman, etc.?

Iron Man (90%), Star Wars, Pulp Fiction, Game of Thrones, and whatever else I think is cool at the time.

What makes your collection unique?

Theater room was built to display Iron Man collection. Had book cases made with 24″ shelves to display Hot Toys figures. Life size Beast Kingdom Mark 42 Statue.

What are your favorite or the most prized pieces in your collection?

Of course my life size statue is my favorite and most expensive piece.  I also love the bust on the left speaker in the front of the theater room that was sculpted, molded, cast, and painted by a good friend who owns Airstrike Airbrushing. He also did the big canvas print on the fireplace.

What items are on your wish-list?

Mark XLVI Legendary Scale Figure,  Mark III Maquette,  Hulkbuster 1/6 scale Hot Toys Figure