Artist Marco Plouffe and the Punisher Premium Format Figure win a ZBrush Award!

Sideshow would like to congratulate artist Marco Plouffe for winning an award for the Best ZBrush to 3D Print at the Pixologic ZBrush Summit. The winning sculpture is actually Sideshow’s The Punisher Premium Format Figure.

Marco was nominated by other sculptors in the ZBrush community for his beautiful work. Every fold in the cloth and everything rippling muscle are rendered in full detail. Not only that, but Plouffe tells a story with this statue that truly shows his love for the Punisher. He shows Frank Castle walking down the decrepit remains of a building brandished with the monogrammed initials “W.F.” He’s walking down the stairs of Kingpin’s manor after delivering his judgement.

His sculpture plays with surrealism while grounding this piece in reality. You can practically feel the weight of each step and the weight of his sculpted clothes. His machine gun, tactical gear, grenades, and more, all add a very realistic weight to the way he moves. And yet, he brings in that comic book feeling with the plume of skull-shaped smoke rising from the barrel of the gun, serving as a warning to the criminal underworld. The skull motif in the art is repeated throughout the piece, and not just on his shirt.

Here’s the figure in person at New York Comic-Con 2018, with paint and with admirers! In these pictures you can truly see how well his original models translate to a 3D Print, and it becomes very clear why he won the award. Not only does The Punisher Premium Format Figure maintain its detail, it truly reveals the story that Plouffe so brilliantly crafted.

Plouffe himself posted about his award on instagram. Be sure to click through the gallery, and follow him on Instagram!

Congratulations Marco Plouffe. We love your work on the The Punisher Premium Format Figure.

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