Atomic Misfit Curator Feature- September 2020

Have you met Atomic Misfit?

This inclusive new collectibles and lifestyle brand launched during Sideshow Con 2020 creates and curates everything wild, weird, whimsical, and wondrous to inspire you and your individual style. This one’s for all the chic, unique, and misfit geeks!

Every month, we will be sharing a spotlight of curated items chosen by a member of the Atomic Misfit team so you can get to know a little bit more about how we choose our favorite items to feature under the Atomic Misfit umbrella.

Get ready to meet this month’s featured curator, Jasmine E. from Sideshow’s Social Media team, as she shares her love for characters who walk the line between heroism and villainy!

Please introduce yourself to our audience.

I’m Jasmine! I’m pretty new to the Social Team at Sideshow, and I’m loving every minute of it!

What would you say are your three favorite pop culture fandoms/licenses?

DC Comics, Marvel, and Star Wars.

What from our catalogue would you recommend for likeminded collectors? What personally inspires you?

Recommendation #1: Sleepover Sirens Designer Collectible Toy Set by Cameron Scott Davis (Unruly Industries™)– This designer collectible toy set is the perfect mix of fierce and fancy! Celebrating the infamous Poison Ivy, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn, the Sleepover Sirens set gives a personal touch to these villains, portraying a night in with just enough wicked details–like Harley’s cleaver–to show us they could leap into some shenanigans at any moment!

I love the colors in this trio, as well as the sirens’ facial expressions. Subtle design differences set them apart while still maintaining a cohesive palette and artistry. Three cheers for this adorable rendition of the Gotham City Sirens, who will be on my DC shelf as soon as they ship!

Recommendation #2: Bucky Barnes Sixth Scale Figure- Avengers: Infinity War (Hot Toys)– Bucky is one of the main highlights of my Marvel collection! Since I own this figure, I cannot speak highly enough of him.

The headsculpt is so like Sebastian Stan that he’ll make you swoon! The costume is very soft, the sculpted hair is lovely and still flows despite the lack of movement, and the whole figure is incredibly dynamic. Your Avengers collection is absolutely incomplete without this beauty.

Recommendation #3: Asajj Ventress: Ascension Fine Art Print by Darren Tan (Sideshow)– Ventress is one of the coolest and most complicated Star Wars characters out there, and certainly one of the most incredible female characters in the galaxy far, far away. This print brings her to life in stunning detail. The colors–red, black, and white–are a personally favorite palette, while the hints of orange and grey compliment the entire illustration and bring that wicked, witchy appeal.

Ventress stands tall and proud above it all with her glowing red sabers in her typical display of violent apathy and rage. Fabric flows and her planet moves with it, adding to the connective atmosphere and stunning geometry of Tan’s work.

Do I have room for more art prints on my wall? No. Will Asajj Ventress make space for herself in my Star Wars collection? Most assuredly.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I tried to include a variety of pieces, not only to represent my top 3 fandoms, but also to showcase different types of collectibles.

My collection is not incredibly specific; I collect what I love, regardless if it “fits”. I hope my eclectic tastes are both useful and inspirational!

Come back next month and meet more of the Atomic Misfit team with another curator spotlight!

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