The Best Episodes of Harley Quinn Seasons 1 and 2

Harley Quinn, the animated series that shows Harley finding herself and embracing her love for Poison Ivy, is back with season 3! The third season of the hit series continues the unhinged comedy. Every aspect of the show, from the hilariously talented voice cast to staying true to Harlivy, capture’s the antihero’s signature brand of psychopathy.

But first, let’s look back at the best episodes and most memorable quotes of seasons 1 and 2. Each of the following Harley Quinn episodes spotlights an important moment for Harlivy or some sidesplitting humor — sometimes both at once because when you’re Harley Quinn, life’s a joke.

Ya might as well laugh, puddin’.

Til Death Do Us Part

“All I’m saying is that you can do better than Joker. I mean you’re smart, you’re strong. You’re in control of your own destiny.” – Poison Ivy

Ever since the iconic Batman: The Animated Series, it was always Poison Ivy who helped Harley Quinn escape the cycle of abuse at the hands of The Joker. Starting with the very first episode of Harley Quinn, Ivy is Harley’s biggest supporter. Even when Harley isn’t ready to fully see it yet, Ivy reminds her that she is so much more than a clown’s punchline.

Finding Mr. Right

“I don’t know if he was going to get racist there but it felt like that’s where he was headed.” – Poison Ivy

Needless to say, Sy Borgman is a bit much. He makes some jokes and comments that aren’t the most acceptable by today’s standards, which is why this line from Ivy is just right. She slams the door in his face before anybody has to hear him.

Being Harley Quinn

“You didn’t make me, Joker. I made myself.” – Harley Quinn

We all know that a perilous fall into a vat of acid turns both Joker and Harley into their maniacal, bleached selves. And for a long time, Harley based all of her worth into Joker’s attention. Over time, with more than a little help from Ivy, Harley realizes her origin story wasn’t with The Joker. Her story starts when she says it does — and when she makes sure she has the last laugh.

Devil’s Snare

“I think paper straws are stupid and get too soggy.” – Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is well known as an ecoterrorist, someone who cares more for flora than fauna. But when she holds on to Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth, the confessions start flying, notably this one. Even a woman dedicated to saving the Earth can admit that paper straws suck.

New Gotham

“It’s about to get way more ‘yikes.’” – Harley Quinn

Harley has a knack for pulling a quick fix out of thin air, which is just what she does after The Penguin manages to entrap her. Her solution is right on the nose and just as her friends pull up to rescue her, they realize that this time around, Harley Quinn isn’t playing.


“Don’t catsplain breaking and entering to me.”

When Catwoman shows up, the dynamic between Harley and Ivy is challenged. Selina doesn’t waste any time calling Ivy out on her changed behavior with Kite Man. She also hilariously refers to Kite-Man as Ivy’s chauffeur.

Plus, this episode is the first appearance of the Cobb Squad. Who needs a Siren when you got a salad, amirite?

There’s No Place to Go but Down

“Hate weighs us down. Only love sets us free.” – Bane

Bet you thought it would be another Harley or Ivy quote, huh? Well, in this episode, the gal pals are too busy lip smacking so we look to Bane for some pitiful wisdom. Underneath that quavering voice is the soul of a philosopher. His words compel Harley to see she’s willing to sacrifice herself for Ivy’s safety, and that sacrifice allows Ivy to come back and rescue her gal. Cue fireworks.


“And the truth is, I trust you with my life, but I don’t trust you with my heart.” – Poison Ivy

This episode is full of fun exchanges between Harlivy and the rag tag group of bridesmaids. Catwoman shines as the voice of reason, letting Harley know she’s not convincing anyone with her Perfect Maid of Honor Routine. Jennifer, an old friend of Ivy, stands out in particular — when she discovers that Themyscira doesn’t offer bottomless mimosas, she’s ready to burn it all down.

However, the episode ends on a tragic note. Ivy thanks Harley for throwing together the perfect bachelorette weekend, and Harley tells Ivy she’s easy to celebrate. Sweet, right? Well, it is, until Ivy says the zinger up above.

A Fight Worth Fighting For

“Love’s a risk. It may not always go in your favor but if it’s true love, you have to fight for it.” – Harley Quinn

Even after Ivy shies away from the truth, Harley keeps fighting. She knows the love she shares with Ivy is something worth fighting for and, ironically, The Joker’s new relationship helps her see it. This quote is all the more poignant since it is during a conversation between Harley and her former partner in crime.

Something Borrowed, Something Green

“Well if I can’t %^&# up Ivy’s wedding, no one can!” – Harley Quinn

In typical Harley fashion, one of the most romantic things she says about Ivy is also a little destructive. She knows that Ivy is only scared to take the next step so she does everything she can to protect the woman she loves — even if that means crashing her best friend’s wedding!

All the laughs, tears, and laugh-y tears will return with season 3 of Harley Quinn!

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