The Best Scenes & Moments From The Last of Us Season 1

Now that all 9 episodes of The Last of Us season 1 have aired, we can finally go back and rewatch. There’s time to really digest and decompress. And, of course, we can relive our favorite moments from the thrilling HBO television series.

Below, let’s look at some of the best scenes from The Last of Us season 1.

Joel meets Ellie

“When You’re Lost in the Darkness”

This is it — the moment these characters’ fates are sealed. From this scene forward, Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) are racing toward the end that’s already written for them. Both characters are inextricably linked and will change each other’s lives forever. But they certainly don’t know that yet. Joel sees an impetuous teenager and Ellie sees a threat. Ellie literally jumps at Joel with a knife, while Joel points a pistol at her during their first full conversation. Although we’re aware he won’t shoot her, both actors manage to convince us that blood just might be drawn.

Frank and Bill play piano

“Long, Long Time”

Countless fans across the world couldn’t stop crying during this episode. “Long, Long Time” tells a powerful love story by closely following Bill (Nick Offerman) and Frank (Murray Bartlett) over many years of the apocalypse. Honestly, it’s difficult to pick a best moment for these two. However, with careful consideration, we’re going to pick the piano scene. After finding sheet music for the episode’s titular Linda Ronstadt song, Frank plays and sings it — badly. So Bill intervenes, giving it the heartfelt rendition it deserves. Soon, the two men share a tender kiss that kickstarts a lovely, loving relationship.

Sam paints Henry’s face

“Endure and Survive”

Brothers Sam (Keivonn Woodard) and Henry (Lamar Johnson) are on the run from a militant group. Henry takes care of his younger sibling as best as he can, providing shelter and food. What is most significant, though, is how Henry tries to normalize Sam’s life. Despite their less-than-ideal living conditions, Henry brings Sam coloring books and comics. He makes sure Sam stays a kid, but also that he stays strong. This is illustrated in this moving moment when Henry paints a super hero mask on Sam’s face.

Ellie breaks David’s finger

“When We Are in Need”

While Joel is injured, Ellie is captured by cannibals. Their leader, David (Scott Shepherd), doesn’t want to kill Ellie. He has big plans for her — and let’s not mince words. David wants Ellie, a minor, to help grow his community by assaulting her. As soon as Ellie realizes this, she’ll do anything to get out of her cage. She tricks David into trusting her and touching her hand. Then, she snaps his fragile bones. It’s a valiant escape attempt made even more badass when she mocks David for letting a little girl hurt him.

Anna gives birth

“Look for the Light”

A pregnant woman runs alone through a desolate landscape, arriving at a remote house. She is pursued by savage Cordyceps-infected enemies. Yet she holds her own against them, fighting them off with nothing but a knife while giving birth. Against all odds, she manages to save her child, whom she praises for screaming out her rage into the world. In the end, Anna Williams is unable to save herself from the apocalyptic infection that ultimately leads to her death.

By itself, this scene stands as an emotional and moving moment. But we also need to look at it in the context of who exactly is playing Anna. Ashley Johnson, the original voice of Ellie in The Last of Us Parts I and II, plays Ellie’s mom. In this way, she passes the mantle. By literally birthing the next iteration of Ellie, Ashley connects the video game and HBO series in a truly special way. If that doesn’t bring a few tears to your eye, we’re not sure what will!

Joel kills the surgeon

“Look for the Light”

Joel’s jaded and gruff exterior hides a tragic past. After losing his daughter, Joel closed himself off. Still, he comes to care a great deal about Ellie. So when the Fireflies need to kill her in order to make a cure for the Infection, Joel can’t stomach that solution. He blazes through the hospital murdering everyone in sight. It’s brutal and distressing to see our hero go down this dark path. Perhaps the most upsetting moment of the entire thing is when Joel shoots a doctor without a second thought. While his motivation is to save his new daughter figure, it’s still difficult to watch him be so selfish.

As a bonus, can you spot Critical Role alum Laura Bailey in the background of this scene? Laura voices Abby Anderson in The Last of Us Part II video game. Abby is the late neurosurgeon’s daughter as well as a character who will undoubtedly become a significant part of The Last of Us season 2.

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