Fandom Rewind: Chart Your Sailor Moon Horoscope

This week during Sideshow’s Fandom Rewind, we’re revisiting fan favorites from the ’80s and ’90s for an extra serving of nostalgia. Whether you grew up then or you just have good taste in pop culture, Fandom Rewind spotlights the movies, music, and TV of yesterday. No VCR required.

The Sailor Moon anime (1992—1997) follows schoolgirl Usagi Tsukino as she locates other Sailor Guardians in order to battle the evil forces of the Dark Kingdom. These magical girls’ celestial alter egos all correspond with a planet — or in Usagi Tsukino’s case, the moon — that rules over one or two zodiac signs. There are 12 total zodiac signs, each with its own traits, strengths, and weaknesses, just like the Sailor Moon characters. And every person has their own big three: a sun sign, a moon sign, and a rising sign.

The sun sign is your main astrological sign; it represents you as a whole, the center of your own personality galaxy. A moon sign tells you about your shadow self, the parts you might hide from others. Lastly, a rising sign is like a first impression. It’s how people perceive you. Below we’ll analyze the Sailor Guardians to compare and contrast how compatible they are with their astrological inspirations. A horoscope is not an exact road map to the stars, but keeping it in mind can reveal much more than meets the eye.

Sailor Moon

Usagi Tsukino is the Sailor Guardian of Love and Justice. Kind, helpful, compassionate, and gentle, she is also prone to silliness and thus is shown as a very bubbly and bright yet capable person.

The moon is the ruler of the water sign Cancer. Overall, Usagi mostly only fits the Cancer strengths; Cancers are loyal and emotional, and enjoy helping loved ones. Cancer weaknesses include being manipulative and suspicious, but Usagi is neither of those things. In fact, many times she is shown to be a little too trusting. Overall, however, Cancers are very sympathetic and sensitive and form deep attachments to those they care about, whether those people are family or those in need. Usagi, in that case, is a perfect example of this zodiac sign.

Sailor Mercury

A computer whiz, Ami Mizuno AKA Sailor Mercury is at first a shy girl who has a difficult time making friends. She secretly loves romance novels and pop culture, but she’s often too embarrassed to talk much about her interests.

Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, and Ami fits these zodiac signs more perfectly than any other Sailor Guardian. Both Gemini and Virgo weaknesses include nervousness, indecisiveness, worry, and harsh criticism of self. Earthbound Virgos are known to work too hard and have an analytical nature that leads to a work-life imbalance. Airy Geminis love reading and are curious about the greater world, exemplified in how Ami dreams of becoming a doctor and helping others.

Sailor Venus

Minako Aino goes by Sailor V, a more modern update on Sailor Venus. She spends a lot of time being overly concerned that she may not have a Pure Heart and tries to prove she does in truly bizarre ways. Minako is athletic and a self-proclaimed academic underachiever.

Taurus and Libra are the two signs ruled by the planet Venus. Like the air sign Libra, Minako enjoys the outdoors and dislikes injustice. She doesn’t share as many traits with earth sign Taurus; this is a stable and stubborn sign, but Minako is actually pretty klutzy, sometimes ditzy, and more insecure than a typical Taurus.

Sailor Mars

Rei Hino, or Sailor Mars, is crazy ambitious with an edgy sense of humor. She’s on a warpath toward her goals, with her future completely mapped out toward carefully selected careers that will bring her plenty of fame and fortune.

The planet of passion, anger, and war, Mars is the ruler of both fiery Aries and watery Scorpio. Rei fits both of these signs well. She accepts difficult challenges enthusiastically and is often the first to take action.  She’s tempestuous, aggressive, an energetic and skilled fighter as well as a loyal friend only once her friendship is earned. And if that trust is ever broken, she’ll sever ties unconditionally.

Sailor Jupiter

Makoto Kino, or Sailor Jupiter, is a volatile teenager who likes to pick fights — and has both the physical and emotional strength to win those bouts. Despite her super tough exterior, Makoto enjoys gentle activities such as cooking, flower arranging, and gardening.

Jupiter’s associated sings are Sagittarius and Pisces, which Makoto fits quite well. Fiery Sagittarius strengths are generosity and idealism, while a weakness is oversharing or poor timing in conversation; Makoto has a habit of always bringing up the “guy that dumped [her]” regardless of circumstances. Her similarities with aquatic Pisces signs include her inherently artistic nature.

Sailor Saturn

Sailor Saturn, whose civilian identity is Hotaru Tomoe, is the strongest and most feared of the Sailor Guardians because her powers are related to death and destruction.

Saturn rules the zodiac signs Capricorn and Aquarius. Hotaru’s airy Aquarius traits include her stoic and serious nature, as well as her temperamental and aloof tendencies. She vacillates between an eccentric and energetic fighter who is fond of chaos and a shy, sharp-witted hero ready to sacrifice herself for a greater purpose. Her earthy Capricorn traits include condescension, as she’s extremely powerful and somewhat sarcastic, and self-control, as she’s always keeping her darker impulses in check.

Sailor Uranus

Haruka Tenou is Sailor Uranus — a fast runner, a wealthy city girl, and an out-and-proud lesbian who presents far more masculinely than her fellow Sailor Guardians.

In terms of her zodiac sign, Uranus rules over the air sign Aquarius. Like many Aquarians, Haruka is fiercely independent and progressive. She is also a deep thinker and a highly intellectual person, which can often make her appear to be standoffish or unapproachable. Her name even translates in English to “distant sky king.”

Sailor Neptune

Michiru Kaiou, or Sailor Neptune, has a strong sense of justice and morals. She is often seen smiling or heard laughing, adding optimism to a tough situation. She and Sailor Uranus are in a romantic relationship.

The planet of inspiration, Neptune rules the water sign Pisces. Like most Pisces, Michiru is intuitive. Gentle and wise, she and her soulmate are willing to sacrifice everything for each other and must share similar ideals in order to last as a couple. Michiru is also described as elegant, sophisticated, and capable of sharp anger — these traits aren’t extremely common in most Pisces, though they are not incompatible with the fact that Pisces can often become or make themselves into martyrs.

Sailor Pluto

Sailor Pluto, known also by her civilian name Setsuna Meiou, first appears as a very lonely person who is committed to her guard post at the Space-Time Door above all else. Her commitment to this duty makes her rather emotionally distant.

Because Pluto rules the water sign Scorpio, Setsuna is both brave and distrusting. She seems mysterious, often turned inward and difficult for others to figure out or befriend. However, she is consistently warm and affectionate toward Chibiusa, and like other Scorpios she valiantly fights for peace and happiness.

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