What We Want to Happen in The Last of Us Season 2

Sunday, March 12 brought us the action-packed, intense, and emotional finale of The Last of Us season 1. Ashley Johnson, the original Ellie, made a cameo appearance. We saw giraffes. Finally, Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie’s (Bella Ramsey) search for the Fireflies culminated in a bloodbath. Now they’re headed toward a life of peace — if Joel’s lies don’t catch up to him. Most likely, however, they will. And in a big, season 2-making way.

The Last of Us season 1 cut and condensed hours of gameplay footage into a 9-episode arc. We already know that The Last of Us season 2 will receive a higher episode order, adapting The Last of Us Part II video game into multiple seasons. Still, some things will probably get left out or altered, as that’s simply the way adaptions work. Below, let’s look at what we want to see and expect to see in The Last of Us season 2 and beyond, based on the existing video games.

Warning: Major The Last of Us Part II spoilers ahead.

Ellie and Dina

A key new character we’ll meet in The Last of Us season 2 is Dina. We (maybe) got a sneak peek of her in season 1. There was a “staring girl” in the Jackson community wearing clothes that closely resemble Dina’s in-game model. Of course, Dina wasn’t in The Last of Us Part I because Ellie never made it to Jackson in that game. With these on-screen location changes, we can absolutely expect to see Dina soon.

Dina is Ellie’s girlfriend. She’s also the mother of Jesse’s child. Jesse is a side character who accompanies Ellie and Tommy on a few missions. While we could debate whether or not he’ll be as instrumental to the action — as there hasn’t been much in the series so far — he’ll absolutely be part of the family dynamic.

Introducing Abby Anderson

Many game players would have called Abby a villain or antagonist. They’d be partially correct — but they’d also have to call Ellie an antagonist. Because, technically, Abby Anderson is The Last of Us Part II‘s deuteragonist. Her story parallels and intersects Joel and Ellie’s in incredible ways. And by the end, it’s difficult to choose if we’re on Abby or Ellie’s side.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Keep reading for more on Abby’s role.

Joel’s Death

Actions have consequences. In Joel’s case, his decision to keep Ellie alive eventually causes his death. Remember the Firefly neurosurgeon who held a scalpel at Joel and said he wouldn’t let Joel take her? And Joel shot him? Well, that was Abby’s dad: Doctor Jerry Anderson.

In the game, Abby’s quest for vengeance leads her straight to Joel and Tommy. The brothers save Abby from a group of Infected. By then, we already have an inkling that Joel is who Abby is looking for. The dramatic irony and tension are chilling. Back at her camp, Abby learns their names. She and her group immediately separate Joel and Tommy, and then Abby beats Joel to death with a pipe.

It’s truly horrific. What’s worse is that Ellie is able to track her father figure to Abby’s hideout. Also, a few years ago, Ellie found out Joel lied. She learned the truth about the hospital, and her relationship with Joel is pretty rocky. But she doesn’t want him to die. Joel dies before they can fully reconcile. As shown above, Ellie witnesses Abby’s killing blow. Abby allows Ellie and Tommy to live, though, citing that her crusade was only against her dad’s murderer.


Violence begets violence. Revenge is an endless cycle. Thus, soon after Joel’s death, Ellie tracks Abby down. She has to chase her up and down Seattle, Washington, but she has a few allies to help. Tommy, who leaves Jackson first, leads the hunt. Jesse and Dina join Ellie.

The majority of the game takes place in the city. Like most of the U.S., Seattle is overgrown and decrepit. It’s also flooded. The ocean has taken over so much of the state that new “islands” have emerged. Good thing Ellie knows how to swim by TLOU 2! Constant rainfall and overgrowth also make for intense action sequences. We definitely want to see those.

Rat King

Seattle is crawling with Infected. Runners, Clickers, Bloaters — it’s got ’em all. There are also the new, sinister Stalkers and Shamblers. But most dangerous of all is the monstrosity fans have come to call the Rat King. Like the rare concept it is named for, the Rat King is a super-organism resulting from the fusion of numerous Stalkers, Clickers, and a Bloater, all bonded through the cordyceps growth. It splits apart as you fight it.

Achieving this horrific scene onscreen would certainly be a challenge. But we think the HBO series creators are up for it.

The WLF and Seraphites

There are two warring factions in Seattle. Abby belongs to the WLF soldier unit. With a hideout at an abandoned football stadium, as well as no shortage of bloodthirsty dogs, the group and their leader Isaac are a powerhouse. Of course, the Seraphites are no picnic. Sometimes called “Scars,” the Seraphites are a cult-like organization who communicate through whistles. They consider the apocalypse a blessing, as they can start the world over purged of sin and impurity. Ellie is often caught in the crossfire of the WLF and Seraphite battles.

The most narratively important members of these two groups are Owen, Mel, Yara, and Lev. Owen is Abby’s ex-boyfriend. Mel is Owen’s current and pregnant girlfriend.

Yara and Lev

Eventually, we meet two Seraphites named Lev and Yara. Captured by the Seraphites, Abby is about to be hanged and gutted when the siblings intervene. They cut her down. In turn, Abby leads them to safety. However, actions have consequences. Lev and Yara betrayed their group, while Abby betrayed hers. Yara loses her life in this ongoing conflict. Thus, Abby adopts a new little brother — not unlike how Joel picked up Ellie.

Owen and Mel

Ellie really does chase Abby all over Seattle. We feel and sometimes share her frustration at each setback. Then, finally, she makes it to the aquarium. There she confronts Owen and Mel. Using Joel’s old “point to the map” trick, Ellie interrogates the two. She also kills them both. After Abby discovers this, she vows to make Ellie pay.

Ellie vs. Abby

Here’s the thing about The Last of Us Part II. The game vacillates often between Ellie and Abby’s POV. We also go through tons of flashbacks/memories for both of them. As proven in The Last of Us season 1, the series knows how to handle flashbacks and extra content — Ellie’s tragic mall DLC is proof. Spending equal time with our protagonists is essential. We have to sympathize with and understand Abby completely for this story to work.

The Ellie vs. Abby battle is brutal. You play as Abby, cornering and confronting someone who has caused you immense emotional pain. And in the end, Ellie almost dies. Neither woman does, however. Abby leaves Ellie, telling her she never wants to see her face again.

Catalina Island and the Rattlers

Years later, Ellie and Dina are living on a farm outside of Jackson with their son JJ. Dina is happy. Ellie, suffering from PTSD, is suffering. So when an aging Tommy comes to her with Abby’s location, Ellie takes off to California. Dina makes it clear that if Ellie leaves, she won’t return to this support system.

Meanwhile, Abby and Lev are on the hunt for Firefly remnants. Unfortunately, their journey is interrupted by the Rattlers. While not much is known about Rattlers, it’s clear they’re enslaving people for manual labor.

Finding Abby Again

On Catalina Island, Ellie is also — almost — taken by the Rattlers. Instead, she gets the better of her would-be captors and tortures them for information about Abby before murdering every single one of them. Yeah. If you haven’t realized, Ellie is not okay by now. She’s going down a very dark path, made abundantly clear in the final twenty or so minutes of The Last of Us Part II.

Ellie’s Choice

Ellie finds Abby. And it’s … it’s sickening, what’s happened to her. After she and Lev attempted escape, they were strung up in the sun, starved. They were denied water and withered away their days until Ellie shows up. Even though Ellie cuts Abby down, she insists the other woman fight her. Both Ellie and Abby are too weak and injured to do much but lunge at one another.

Eventually, Ellie collapses. Sobbing, she tells Abby to take Lev and go. Then she makes the trek back to her farmhouse. All that’s left is Joel’s guitar. Missing a few fingers, Ellie plays roughly and then walks out with nothing but her backpack and her memories.

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