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Black Widow Promo

Last but not least, Marvel released a Big Game Spot for their upcoming film Black Widow, that follows Natasha Romanoff back home to Russia, where she fights alongside her first family. The trailer even shows a clip with the villain Taskmaster, who uses his comics-accurate ability to mimic any movement, in order to wield and handle a shield just like Captain America. Black Widow will hit theaters on May 1st.

The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Teaser

Marvel’s Big Game Spot featured Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes, facing off against villains old and new, including Baron Zemo. There are brief clips where we see Sam Wilson learning how to throw Cap’s shield, with enough power and precision to cut a tree in half. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier will premiere on Disney+ in August 2020.

WandaVision Teaser

The promo also revealed more about the WandaVision show, and revealed over 6 different outfits or versions of Scarlet Witch. Most notably, Scarlet Witch is seen for a brief moment wearing her comic accurate costume, complete with her pointed headdress. WandaVision is set to premiere on Disney+ some time within 2020.

Loki Teaser

Finally, the Big Game Spot ended with an incredibly brief glimpse at Loki. It shows Loki himself, in what appears to be some sort of prisoner’s outfit, saying, “I’m gonna burn this place to the ground.” Loki is set to premiere on Disney+ in spring 2021.

Watch the full promo below:

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