Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett™ Episode 3 Review

The first few days at a new job are always stressful. That’s true whether you’re a businessperson, a farmer, a pilot … or even a crime lord. As Boba Fett™ establishes his rule as Daimyo of Mos Espa™, he must contend with an increasing number of complications. After all, it wouldn’t be a Star Wars story without intergalactic intrigue or ominous ghosts of the past.

Chapter 3 of Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett™, titled “The Streets of Mos Espa,” was the most fast-paced episode yet. From start to finish, episode 3 took viewers to every corner of Boba’s territory that we’ve seen thus far, tying up loose ends as well as opening new cans of worms. Let’s take a closer look at this week’s episode below.

The Wheel of Fortuna

Thus far, Boba Fett’s reputation as a crime lord has been shaky, at best. He is resolved to not use fear like Jabba the Hutt™ did, though his grip on the underworld of Mos Espa is slowly slipping. Even his courtroom droid, 8D8™, is hesitant to utter the name “Jabba” in case Boba is insulted at the comparison. However, Boba insists he’s not, so 8D8 points out that after Jabba’s death, Bib Fortuna™ took a different approach to ruling: He divided the city into three sectors, each run by a crime family. Fortuna also appeased Mayor Mok Shaiz™ with money and favors.

Boba remains at the edge of a decision. He must choose his method of ruling quickly before time runs out and Mos Espa’s crime network makes him obsolete. As Boba and Fennec Shand™ are strategizing, a vassal appears at court to make a petition. Lortha Peel™, a local water-monger, claims that his inventory is being stolen by a street gang and that this theft is an embarrassment to Boba’s rule. Tempted by Peel’s promise to pay double tribute, Boba and Fennec go into the city to confront the gang. After the street gang makes their case, explaining that Peel is charging prices that citizens cannot pay, Boba sides with them. He forces Peel to accept a reduced payment and he brings on the street gang as part of his growing entourage.

Riders on the Storm

As is becoming the standard storytelling structure for each episode, the current events of Boba’s Mos Espa takeover are supplemented by a flashback. The flashbacks always shed light on how Boba might overcome his present-day problem, a bit of foreshadowing thanks to the regenerative sleep of the bacta tank™.

In his memory, we see Boba leave the Tusken Raiders™ to ride a bantha™ into the city. He passed stormtrooper™ helmets impaled on pikes, a sign of the fading Empire that probably confused Boba, who wouldn’t have been up to date on the Rebellion’s success. He received directions from some Jawas™ in the marketplace to a guarded tent, where he negotiated with a representative of the Pyke Syndicate™. The Pyke explained that they do not want to pay a double protection fee from both Boba’s Tusken allies and a local biker gang, the Nikto Sand Riders™. Boba assured the Pyke that this second gang won’t be a problem and he returned to the Tusken camp.

Sadly, Boba only found the smoldering remains of pillaged tents and murdered Tuskens. He built a funeral pyre for the bodies of his fallen comrades and added their gaffi sticks™ to the flames.

Bacta Work

Boba’s recollection of the Tusken massacre was cut short as Black Krrsantan™ yanked him from his bacta tank. Krrsantan flaunts his terrifying gladiatorial skills in the ensuing fight. A far cry from Han Solo’s™ companion Chewbacca™, Krrsantan’s roar is the stuff of nightmares.

The infamous Wookiee™ bounty hunter had infiltrated the palace in an attempt to kill Boba, but the crime lord is saved by the intervention of the cyborg street gang he had hired. He held his own against multiple adversaries at once, using electrocharged brass knuckles as well as brute strength to easily overpower Boba. Finally, the street cyborgs and Gamorrean™ bodyguards managed to lead Krrsantan away from Boba, down into the courtroom, where Fennec drove him into the former rancor™ pit.

A Wookiee Mistake

Soon after, the Hutt Twins™ visited the palace to give Boba a gift as well as some ominous parting advice. The twin gangsters told him they planned to leave Tatooine™ and that if he were smart he would do the same, since Mok Shaiz had already promised the territory to another syndicate.

Before they leave, the Hutt Twins present their gift: a rancor calf, accompanied by its handler (a surprise Danny Trejo cameo!). In return, Boba offers the Hutts custody of Krrsantan if they vow to renounce any claims to the territory, to which they reply that Tatooine is a “worthless rock.” To everyone’s shock, Boba releases Krrsantan after telling him, “Don’t work for scugholes.”

We’ve seen Boba make merciful decisions before that paid off in the end, resulting in powerful alliances with Gamorreans, Tusken Raiders, and street cyborgs. Might the same happen with Krrsantan?

Later, Boba visited the rancor and its handler down in the palace pit. Boba showed his affinity for dealing with strange beasts and he bonded with the rancor, allowing it to imprint on him. He also asked the handler to teach him how to ride the rancor like the Witches of Dathomir™.

Pyke Place

Fennec and Boba decided against taking the Hutts’ word as completely true, so they visited Mayor Mok Shaiz. Though he was allegedly busy for the next month, they took their street gang entourage to the mayor’s office, only to find the majordomo’s endless excuses. Sensing that Boba will not take no for an answer, the majordomo attempted to flee. A wild, chaotic street chase through the alleys of the Mos Espa marketplace followed.

During the chase, one of the cyborg bikers ripped through a cheeky portrait of Jabba the Hutt’s old court setup, while the majordomo nearly escaped. Eventually, the leader of the cyborgs cornered the majordomo into crashing his vehicle, allowing Boba to catch up. The majordomo revealed that the Mayor is, in fact, working with the Pyke Syndicate.

With the arrival of a squadron of Pykes in the Mos Espa starport, it’s clear that this is the syndicate the Hutt Twins had mentioned. As shown in Star Wars: The Clone Wars™, this crime syndicate is just as powerful as any Huttese™ network, if not more so because of their firm hold on the intergalactic spice trade.

This week’s episode further entangled Boba Fett’s rule of Mos Espa. His new crime territory is filled with potential alliances as well as a growing number of threats. Some have slinked off screen, like Black Krrsantan and the Hutt Twins, leaving viewers unsure whether they’ll return as friend or foe. Others, like the Nikto Sand Riders and the Pyke Syndicate, will definitely pose a challenge in Boba’s rise to power.

And with an enemy as powerful as the Pykes, that rise could quickly become a fall. Do you think Boba Fett has what it takes to be a crime lord? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!