Sideshow in 2021: Roundup and Highlights Reel

At Sideshow, pop culture is our culture. That’s why we want to bring collectors closer to the characters you love. Through exciting multimedia presentations, behind the scenes glimpses at our artists at work, and special unboxings of the most coveted collectibles, we share the power of fandom with our collecting community.

2021 was an amazing year for Sideshow’s video content. Our time was jam packed with figure and statue reviews, virtual comic cons, huge livestream giveaways, guest interviews, and more. If you missed any of our streams, never fear — this roundup blog is here! You can watch the Best of Sideshow Collectibles 2021 Video on the Sideshow Collectibles YouTube channel.

Interested in the full videos that make up the clips used in this reel? Check a few of them out below.

The Mandalorian™ Collectibles

Sideshow has the asset! This Star Wars™ collection includes the adorable Grogu™, the imposing Moff Gideon™, and various heroes and villains from The Mandalorian series.

Captain Marvel Figure

Let us take you higher, further, faster with this eye-popping Marvel video, which features the Captain Marvel Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys.

Sideshow Art Prints

Boundless creativity cannot be contained — but it can be framed. In 2021, the Sideshow Fine Art Prints program brought countless characters to life with pop culture art from brands like DC Comics, BTS, and Harry Potter.

Ethan Page Interview

It doesn’t have to be Fitness Friday to Get Super with Joshy G! This episode features special guest pro wrestler Ethan Page, AKA “All Ego.” Work out with Joshy and Ethan and stay tuned for an interview after that wrestling fans won’t want to miss.

Flight of the Bumblebee

We put a Transformer in space! No, really. We did. As part of the Sideshow Labs science experiments, we froze the Mr. Freeze Premium Format™ Figure and also launched the Bumblebee Collectible Figure by Threezero into the atmosphere. Watch Bumblebee’s flight now — but please don’t try this at home.

Batman Begins

As part of an ongoing paint series, Bernardo Esquivel took us into the paint room while he worked on the Batman Premium Format™ Figure. Starting with the blank head sculpt, Esquivel demonstrated all of the techniques involved in bringing this DC statue to life with stunning accuracy and life-like detail.

Rick and Morty Collectibles

Head this wayyyyyy if you want more color in your collection. Animated adventures, sensational shenanigans, and a touch of existential nihilism await with these Rick and Morty collectibles by Mondo and Dark Horse Comics.

Strike A Pose Halloween Special

Sideshow’s Strike a Pose is a fast-paced sixth scale figure posing competition. This spooky scary special featured guests Adam Dougherty, Frank Forte, and Anthony Taylor. They competed to win the Leatherface Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow. See who won, and get plenty of laughs, when you watch the horror-themed episode.

Anime Collectibles

From Naruto to Studio Ghibli’s Totoro, anime collectibles take center stage at Sideshow. Collect your favorite demon slayers, sorcerers, and scouts when you shop with us today!

What are some of your favorite videos produced by Sideshow in 2021? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!