Celebrate your IDOLS: BTS Statues Shipping Now!

Collecting all of Sideshow’s officially licensed BTS collectibles is the perfect way to celebrate global superstars RM, Jin, SUGAj-hopeJiminV, and Jung Kook. Of course, your BTS collection would be incomplete without our BTS Deluxe Statues. Customers who have already pre-ordered these items will be thrilled to know that the BTS Deluxe Statues are in stock and SHIPPING NOW! To customers who have yet to order … well, what are you waiting for?

Check out all the details, descriptions, and final production photographs of these BTS Deluxe Statues right here.

BTS Deluxe Statues

Sideshow’s range of BTS Deluxe Statues are inspired by the astonishing and iconic 2018 live show where the group performed their hit song “IDOL.” Each Deluxe Statue features an intricate, carefully tailored mixed media costume. The robe fabric also includes wire to capture the dynamic movement of BTS’ stage presence through signature poses. Sculpted details, such as earrings and sneakers, complete the looks. Each of these individual energetic Deluxe Statues stands on a black stage display base to match the other members in the collection.

Watch the Cut & Sew for the BTS Deluxe Statues above or on Sideshow’s official YouTube channel.

RM Deluxe Statue

RM flows toward his next dance move with his hands raised at his sides and his turquoise robe billowing behind him. He wears brown and navy hanbok-inspired clothing, complementing his purple ashed hair.

Jin Deluxe Statue

Jin spreads his arms wide towards the audience. He’s dressed in all black shirt and pants with gold accents to match his black hair. His silky, royal blue hanbok-inspired clothing and ribbons sway while he dances.

SUGA Deluxe Statue

SUGA raises one hand by his side and the other gestures outward. A gold chain lays delicately on his throat, and yellow flowers adorn his layered black robe, worn over shimmering bronze trousers and white shirt.

j-hope Deluxe Statue

In this colorful representation, j-hope smirks as he settles into an electrified, energetic pose. The silky blue sleeves of his hanbok-inspired clothing fold elegantly while one hand rests on his chin and the other under his elbow.

Jimin Deluxe Statue

Jimin is seen in the midst of his dynamic performance, his red fan raised high with silver hair brushing his upturned, composed face. He wears a glittering gold jacket over black hanbok-inspired clothing.

V Deluxe Statue

V points, one hand floating near his cherry red hair and the other extended out to the crowd. He wears a powder blue shirt and white trousers with his black floral robe sweeping out as he steps to his next dance move.

Jung Kook Deluxe Statue

Jung Kook slides into a dynamic dance move, a gentle smile on his face as he executes his perfect pivot. The strings of his dark blue hanbok-inspired clothing flutter forward atop his black trousers, worn over a sparkling dark gold vest.

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Premium BTS Logo: Idol Edition

The Premium BTS Logo: IDOL Edition by Sideshow Collectibles takes the iconic shape of the 21st-century pop icons’ logo, visualized as a set of doors opening outward to possibility, and incorporates vivid, energetic imagery from the “IDOL” theme graphics. Seven vibrant, multicolored, geometric sections — including small, repeated arrangements of the BTS symbol — burst in kaleidoscopic waves across the statue.

These detailed, decorative parts meet bright, solid red, yellow, green, blue, and purple patches to create a lively and unique pattern inspired by the exciting song “IDOL” from the album LOVE YOURSELF 結 ‘Answer.’ Additionally, on one side of the statue is the ARMY logo, right behind the BTS logo, which brings together past and present in a single elegant design. Finally, inside the ARMY symbol is the song title “IDOL” written in a bubbly purple font.

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