Eye-Catching Catwoman Art Prints for DC Comics Collectors

Cat got your eye? If you’re looking to add more Catwoman art prints to your Gotham Gallery, you’re in luck. Check out our curated list of Selina Kyle specific DC Comics art prints below.

Catwoman #1

Selina is in the spotlight where she belongs! Pay homage to Gotham’s favorite thief with the Catwoman #1 Fine Art Print by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau. Behind Selina, there’s a fun Easter egg. Can you spot the shadowy silhouette of a feline friend offering its silent support? Catwoman and company will look stunning framed on your wall. But hurry, before they both slink away into the shadows again!

Little Bird

The Little Bird Fine Art Print by Olivia De Berardinis is inspired by an iconic scene in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns. Here Catwoman’s black bust is accented by bold gold brush strokes that, alongside an expert use of negative white space, add a little glamour to this Gotham City villain’s dark deed. So don’t be afraid of a little fowl play. Add her to your walls today.

Catwoman Variant

Look what the cat dragged in! The Catwoman Variant Fine Art Print by Heonhwa Choe AKA Kilart features Selina on the prowl for the best jewels to put her paws on. Not even the rain can stop her craftiness and curiosity. Hang this print somewhere you can look at it and be inspired to be just as tenacious and self-motivated.

The Bat and The Cat

It’s a tale as old as time. A game of cat burglar and dashing detective. The Bat and The Cat Fine Art Print by David Finch features this DC Comics pair locked in a passionate embrace. They are forever intertwined on their paths toward their own versions of justice. If you can’t get enough of their dynamic, add this print to your cart today.


Fashioned almost as a a pop art DC Comics poster, the Catwoman Wrapped Canvas by Matt Haley depicts Selina in vibrant hues. The deep contrast between light and dark emphasizes the character’s moral ambiguity. Meanwhile, the flowing lines of the whip intersect the searchlight’s harsh lines, lending that classic flexibility to her escapades in bright, bold colors.

The Getaway: Batman & Catwoman

Catch that cat, Batman! The Getaway: Batman & Catwoman Fine Art Print by Terry and Rachel Dodson is pawsitively fierce. Gotham City’s most talented cat burglar makes her hasty escape through the streets as the Caped Crusader soars above, keeping a close eye on Selina Kyle and her sticky claws… er, fingers.

Catwoman #7

Me-wow! Glamorize your walls with the Catwoman #7 Fine Art Print by Ben Oliver. Selina Kyle pins a purloined Batarang up as her own personal earring in this glamorous portrait, resembling a truly mesmerizing magazine cover. She’ll steal your heart — and your jewels! So it’s best to keep her close. Perhaps in the living room?

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