Celebrate Yourself on Singles’ Day 2019 with a Sideshow Exclusive Pin!

On November 11th, 2019, when you purchase $50 or more of in-stock product through Sideshow.com, you will be able to claim a free limited-edition Singles’ Day pin during the checkout process!

There is only one you in the world, so celebrate your uniqueness this Singles’ Day!

Singles’ Day takes place on November 11th, stylized as 11.11 because the number ‘1’ looks like an individual person. This is a day for taking pride in being single, but also celebrating your individuality. What makes you different? What makes you you? Stand out and commemorate yourself!

The unofficial holiday began in China at the Nanjing University in 1993 as a way for students to break the monotony of dorm life and being single in college, since spreading to become one of the biggest shopping festivals and social celebrations in the world. What better way to celebrate the day than by treating yourself to a gift?

In honor of Singles’ Day, Sideshow is releasing a limited edition pin that you can proudly wear to celebrate yourself! On November 11th, when you purchase $50 or more of in-stock product, you will be able to claim a free Singles’ Day pin during the checkout process. You have to add the pin to your cart during the checkout process to successfully claim it. This promotion does not apply to new pre-orders of product that is not currently in-stock.

Sideshow’s Singles’ Day pins are limited in quantity, and customers will be responsible for shipping costs on the pin. This deal only applies to new purchases of in-stock product, and is only valid while pin supplies last. For more information, please consult our Help Center article on claiming Promos and Coupons.