Claim the Free Original Court of the Dead Story “Conscientia Infinitum” for COTD Day 2021

In honor of Court of the Dead Day, the legendary library of Ellianastis has opened to mourners and mortals alike- step inside and discover life in Illverness with an engrossing new original tale available for free download now.

As a part of the frightful festivities, fans have the opportunity to claim a free download of the Court of the Dead original short story “Conscientia Infinitum” and embark on the path of Spirit with this new glimpse into the Underworld, written by Amy Chase with illustrations by Abigail Larson (Court of the Dead: Dark Harvest).

Download “Conscientia Infinitum” Below

Click the image to claim the free Court of the Dead: Conscientia Infinitum original short story, following Ellianastis and Kier as they walk the path of the Spirit Faction.

Based on the creations of Tom Gilliland, this dark fantasy/horror story introduces readers to the Great Oracle Ellianastis as she mentors Kier, the First Sword of Death, in the true strength of the Spirit Faction- beyond the bloodshed of the Celestial battlefield. However, like the path of Spirit, the truth of the world is often cryptic and confounding, but an open mind possesses a power far greater than any sword.

You can also read an excerpt of the tomb-bound tale here:

Kier spoke out again. “Modrie, if you are not all together today, I will return to the-”

A hand gently wrapped Kier’s shoulder as several long, pointed fingers manifested against the warrior’s collarbone. “All together, now that you are here!” a disembodied voice exclaimed. “For how could I be both together and alone at the same time?”

From beneath the ghostly hand, the red pigments of Kier’s skin crept up her shoulders like a blush. She tried to shrug off the Oracle’s grasp, and the vibrations of distant laughter shook the vacuous space. A second hand materialized before Kier, palm outstretched. Small tendrils of that beautiful, ethereal blue energy danced off the fingertips. “I am with you, truly, as I am without you and all about you.”

Kier looked away from the hands, locking her gaze with a pair of glassy eyes that began to coalesce between her and the door. A lopsided smile arced its way beneath the eyes and then the figure of the Oracle of the Underworld fully took shape before her. The skirts of her gown flowed as if gently rustled by the wind, and the tendrils of her gossamer cerulean hair each seemed to have a different destination in mind. “Heeerrrre and therrrre,” Ellianastis crooned as she appeared. “And everywherrre, for Spirit has no-”

“-No true resting place,” Kier said monotonously, as she had heard the creed stated many times over. She lowered her voice, “Except for this endless library, it would seem.”

Challenge your own perception under the guidance of the Great Oracle and dive into Court of the Dead: Conscientia Infinitum today.

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