Coming Up on The Comics Haul: Marvel Voices Legacy and Stray Dogs

The Comics Haul airs every Wednesday from 4 PM to 5 PM PST. This Sideshow-produced livestream and podcast focuses on weekly comics news, reviews, and more.

Hosted by Amy Chase and Paul Hernandez, the show features new comics every week on Wednesdays when they release. But the show features more than just our weekly pull—read on to learn more!

What is The Comics Haul?

Comic collectors will be thrilled to know that The Comics Haul is a great way to learn about the newest books and updates, from DC to Marvel and many independent publishers. You’ll be able to see Amy & Paul’s weekly pull, get in-depth summaries and reviews of their featured ‘Pick of the Week’, and learn the AIM (Accessibility, Interest, and Monetary Value) of each issue highlighted on the show.

What’s more, you can ask any and all questions about these comic books LIVE! A moderator will interact with you in the chat and pass your questions on to Amy and Paul, who will help you get the most information you can get about these comics.

What Comics are Being Showcased Next?

Next week on February 24, 2021 at 4 PM PST we’ll be in a multiverse of sorts! Amy Chase and moderator Jasmine Edwards are hosting and will be looking at Marvel Voices: Legacy #1 and Stray Dogs #1 from Image Comics, among others. You can view those comic covers below.

Where to Watch:

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