Collector Community: Batman and the Justice League

There’s no one definitive way to be a fan of pop culture, and there are no rules for displaying all your favorite fandom collectibles. At Sideshow, we celebrate the passion of a global collector community, which is exactly why we wanted to see how you display your collectibles.

Sideshow’s incredible collector community has come together this week to share their love for all things DC Comics, from the heroes and villains of the Justice League to multiversal madmen.

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is an all-star ensemble of super heroes, aliens, and righteous vigilantes. The most famous part of the group, however, is undeniably the Trinity: Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman. This trio often leads the charge against omnipotent super-villains like Darkseid, saving entire multiverses from certain destruction.

Of course, other trusted JLA allies such as Aquaman are more than capable of finishing a job, especially if there’s an aquatic assailant or seafaring setback. Back on solid land, the streets of Gotham City are always safe when Batgirl is on the job, whether she’s surveying the scene as Oracle or prowling the streets with the rest of the Bat-Family.

Now, heroes are great and all, but what’s a hero without a villain? Sometimes those villains are homegrown, such as Poison Ivy, a Gotham City native whose love for all things floral supersedes the safety of humans. She’ll stop at nothing to preserve the planet’s plants — no man (or woman) is safe from her charms. On the other hand, the most dangerous villains are sometimes ourselves, as Bruce Wayne knows all too well. The Batman Who Laughs, a maniacal mix of Bruce and The Joker, is more terrifying than a joke that never lands. Not to worry, though, this guy always has the last laugh.

Here’s a small selection of some of our favorite displays shared by you, the fans!

If you want to participate in the collector community, we’d love for you to share photos of your favorite statuessixth scale figuresand collectibles. Check out our blog on How To Submit Photos for Sideshow’s Collector Community. Then, other fans across the globe can be inspired by your collection and display ideas- plus, you might find a new fandom friend!

Which photo of these DC Comics collectibles calls to you? Have you found the perfect hero (or villain) to add to your DC art prints collection? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!