Rare Finds: Collectible Fantasy Weapon Replicas

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Add Some Awesome to Your Arsenal

Who hasn’t dreamed of having a magical weapon? Whether you already know your lightsaber’s color or your wand’s inner core, or you long for an epic quest to find a mythic blade that only the worthiest can wield, a hero’s tool is an essential part of any fantasy adventure. Unfortunately, in our modern world, longswords are a little out of place when it comes to the daily dress code. That doesn’t mean you can’t bring home your favorite fantasy weapons as highly detailed prop replicas.

In fact, these recreations come in life-size scales for epic immersion and smaller sizes for easy display on a desk or shelf. They might not be practical in a real fight for the good of humanity (we don’t recommend swinging them at anyone), but these collectible weapon replicas are key for unlocking your imagination.

After all, no one can deny that looting for treasure is the best part of winning the battle. Claim your favorite weapon props available now!

Aquaman Trident Prop Replica by Factory Entertainment

A true treasure of the seven seas.

It’s a weapon fit for a king — or for a collector! No need to plunder the oceans looking for Atlantean treasure when you can bring home Aquaman’s trident for yourself. This life-size replica is limited edition, cast in solid metal, and features details and Atlantean script as seen in the film. This ancestral aquatic weapon is not only a powerful status symbol under the sea, but can also be lethal in a fight to the depths against enemies like the Trench. You don’t need to have Momoa’s muscles to wield this terrific trident.

Longclaw Replica by Valyrian Steel

And now your watch begins.

The night is dark and full of terrors, but having a sword on hand sure makes things less terrifying. Painstakingly recreated based on the actual prop used in Game of Thrones, this Longclaw Replica includes its very own mounting plaque and Certificate of Authenticity, which makes collecting a whole lot easier than besting your foes in combat or joining the Watchers on the Wall. Displayed on your own non-icy wall, this sword makes a gorgeous reminder that winter is coming — and you’ll be ready when it does.

Skeletor Havoc Staff by Factory Entertainment


A must-have for climbing Snake Mountain.

Every magic user needs something to channel their power through. Skeletor knows this better than anyone, doing his best to take over all of Eternia from Snake Mountain. Of course, a weapon of ultimate magic is always made better with a matching aesthetic, so this deep purple metal replica of the Havoc Staff is color coordinated with the villain’s own signature style. Topped with a detailed ram’s head design, this 8″ tall collectible makes an essential accessory for your bid for universal domination.

Batarang Letter Opener by Royal Selangor

Fun and functional — Batman would approve!

The Dark Knight is all about efficiency, and while you might not have any rogues to fend off, this Batarang Letter Opener can be used to fight back against pesky bills and spam mail. Blending sleek design and practical use, this utility belt must-have is made of dual-textured pewter. You can turn your office into the Batcave and bring a bit of excitement into your day-to-day with your very own Batman tech. Don’t worry, your secret identity is safe with us.

Teela’s Staff of Ka by Factory Entertainment

A scaled replica with a serpentine motif.

Passed through the sands of Eternia across time, this powerful snake-headed staff has changed hands quite frequently. While its magic has been used for both good and evil, it now illuminates Teela’s journey as a warrior — until you bring it home for yourself! Factory Entertainment’s solid metal Staff of Ka is part of their scaled Masters of the Universe replica collection, making a perfect prop replica for fans who don’t have an entire Castle Greyskull’s worth of space for their collectibles. Ready to unlock the universe’s fabulous secrets? Bring home this staff and the rest is hisssstory.

Manta Knife by Factory Entertainment

From the deep sea to your shelf.

A manta knows a thing or two about cutting through the water with ease. Inspired by vintage divers’ knives, this Manta Knife replica from the Aquaman film is a rugged and imposing recreation of the weapon seen on screen. Factory Entertainment had access to the actual prop and designed this replica for fans using high carbon steel for the blade, brass for the knife guard, and a buffalo leather handle and sheath. In the film it was a family heir, and now it can be a treasured collectible passed down through your family.

It’s dangerous to go alone! Suit up for your next fantastical journey with the proper gear and take these weapon replicas with you when you go.