Collector Spotlight: Sir Rod Stewart!

“A lot of people laugh at it being a silly hobby, but it’s a wonderful hobby.”

Sideshow was thrilled to learn that Sir Rod Stewart is a collector, modeler, and painter, too!

Famous musician Rod Stewart revealed to Railway Modeller magazine that he’s been working on an absolutely beautiful and highly-detailed model of a busy US city for the past 23 years.

He would bring his models along with him touring, explaining to Railway Modeller that he would request extra rooms in hotels so he could continue to work on the construction of his skyscraper and scenery. While this industrialized city might be a sore eye to some, Rod Stewart expressed his love for the authenticity and history behind each piece in his collection, saying, “I find beauty in what everyone else sees as ugly – rugged skyscrapers, beaten-up warehouses, things that are very run down.”

“When I take on something creative like this, I have to give it 110%,” he said. “For me it’s addictive. I started, so I just had to finish. I’m lucky I had the room. If I’d have realised at the start it would have taken so long, I’d have probably said, ‘No! No! Nah!'”

And when Rod Stewart paints, he goes into extraordinary detail, for every single piece of pavement. “You start off with a grey. And then you add a little concrete colour, so every paving stone is slightly different,” he explained. “And the cracks have to have some black chalk… and then you add a little bit of rubbish in the gutters, you add a little bit of rust here and there. I enjoyed the building more than I did the running.”

He even collaborates with other artists to create electronic aspects of his train models. With the help of fellow modellers and electricians, his city glows and moves, just like the real city he’s modeled it after.

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