Perfect Holiday Gifts for a Comic Book Reader

For anyone who knows (or is) a comic book reader, you know there is a certain amount of dedication to the hobby. Every week, you have your ritual for which shop you go to and which titles you pick up. Rain or shine, you show up for your fave crimefighters, mystery solvers, and super-villains, not to mention the creators behind each issue!

With that said, comic book fans can be a picky bunch — which makes selecting their gifts even harder. That’s where our Comic Book Reader Gift Guide comes in. We’ve got collectibles, prints, and figures that will light up the eyes of any comics reader!

Scott Pilgrim vs The World Art Print

Colorful hairdos, snarky banter, and lots of evil exes — a recipe for disaster for Scott Pilgrim but loads of fun for readers! Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim graphic novels are a wild ride full of humor and action.

Bring home a bit of the melee with the Scott Pilgrim vs The World Art Print by George Bletsis. Eye-catching colors strike a chord from corner to corner, as twin dragons and a horde of evil exes all make their way toward Scott and Ramona!

The Flash LED Poster

You know what they say, here in a Flash … and in your gallery by tomorrow! This LED poster is the perfect addition to provide some light in your favorite reading corner. Hang it right above your comfy chair for whenever you’re up late reading comics.

The Flash LED Mini-Poster by Brandlite features DC’s original speedster zooming toward a fight. Crackles of the Speed Force surround The Flash as he lights up his way toward justice. Better move fast!

Sheena Queen of the Jungle Book

Ready to unleash your wild side? Take a trip into the jungle and meet the queen with this modern tale of a woman who will go to any lengths to protect the world she loves.

The Sheena Queen of the Jungle #2 Jamie Biggs Metal Cover Variant book by Dynamite Entertainment features awe-inspiring art that might even convince you to swing from tree to tree and commune with animals. Be careful — it’s a jungle out there!

Marvel Alex Ross Wallpaper Mural

Speaking of inspiration, why not give your walls a giant-sized dose of bravery and power? The beloved teams and figures of Marvel Comics are here to add some epic value, courtesy of a legendary comic book artist.

With the Marvel Alex Ross Wallpaper Mural by RoomMates, you can be surrounded by the Avengers, the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four all day every day. Spidey and Daredevil have even dropped in to lend a hand! This peel and stick wallpaper is like a splash page blasted with Gamma rays — totally cool and totally larger-than-life.

Stan Lee Statue

And while we’re on the subject of marvelous super heroes, you can’t forget one of the most famous comic book creators of all time: Stan Lee!

The Stan Lee 1/10 Scale Statue by Iron Studios features the bespectacled comics writer as he poses atop a Marvel-themed base, including Thor’s hammer, Cap’s shield, Iron Man’s helmet, and an X-Men insignia. Excelsior!

Captain Marvel Pager

When the threat is simply too big for Earth’s forces to handle, who ya gonna call? Captain Marvel, of course!

Carol Danvers is just an intergalactic beep away with the Captain Marvel Pager Life-Size Replica by Hot Toys. Her iconic red, blue, and gold logo is displayed across the screen for all to see on this impressive prop replica, making danger pale in comparison to the shine of Captain Marvel’s power.

DIE!NAMITE #1 Red Sonja & Vampirella (Special Virgin Peach Momoko Covers)

The only thing more exciting than revisiting favorite heroes is seeing them in all-new stories from celebrated creators. And that’s where DIE!NAMITE #1 comes in, bringing you can’t-miss tales about John Carter of Mars, Peter Cannon, and, of course, Vampirella & Red Sonja!

To celebrate their new adventures, Dynamic Forces has the DIE!NAMITE #1 Red Sonja & Vampirella (Special Virgin Peach Momoko Covers), so you can not only join these two iconic heroes on their journey but do it in style with Peach Momoko covers!

Wonder Woman Tiara Model

For the comic book fan who is an avid Wonder Woman reader but also exceedingly crafty, grant them the Amazonian gift of Diana’s royal tiara.

From Insight Editions, this Wonder Woman 3D Wood Model and Book gives its owner an insider look into Diana Prince’s captivating history as well as the ability to customize her tiara. Beware — throwing this tiara as a boomerang has stopped many a super-villain before, so wield Diana’s power with care and respect!

Vintage Superman Silver Collectible

If your gift recipient is a fan of the classics, then take them back to where it all started — the Golden Age of DC Comics! This storied era of super hero mythos gave us some of our most beloved heroes, including the Man of Steel.

New Zealand Mint breathes new life into Superman’s beginnings with the Action Comics #7 Silver Foil Collectible. This 35g fine silver foil recreates the comic book cover of Superman’s second appearance ever, making it a stylish way to commemorate super hero history.

The Boys Homelander [email protected]

The Boys is known for its brash take on the lore of super heroes, exposing the greedy corporate underbelly of a world whose defenders are no more than props of public relations and secret engineering. Well, at least until Homelander begins to question what it all means.

Bring home a piece of The Boys with the [email protected] Homelander and [email protected] Billy Butcher. Based on their TV appearances, inspired by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s comic series, these two [email protected] are sure to add some rough and tumble action to your collection.

Which of these geeky gifts for comic book readers will you be collecting this season? Connect with other fans in our Local Comics Society Facebook Group, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!