The Coolest Team-Ups Miles Morales Has Ever Had

Originally from Marvel’s Ultimate Universe, Miles Morales in now a staple in the main continuity, Earth-616. He is Spider-Man, though he’s not quite the same as Peter Parker.

He’s younger, and definitely new at the whole superhero thing, but he has quite an array of new powers. He has a venom strike so strong it can break chains on contact and the ability to camouflage to the point of complete invisibility.

More than anything, Miles Morales is a good person, and a good teammate. So who in the Marvel Universe has he teamed up with?

Peter Parker

Miles Morales and Peter Parker have worked together in many different ways through the years. In the Ultimate Universe, Peter Parker is killed by the Green Goblin, and Miles Morales takes up the mantle of Spider-Man in an attempt to honor his memory.

Eventually, he meets the Earth-616 Spider-Man, and even gets the approval of the whole Spider-Family. Peter Parker introduces him to all of the webheads. This is when he first meets Spider-Gwen.


Despite being a newer hero, Miles Morales has already traveled the multi-verse and even met a young Gwen Stacy who happens to be the Spider-Woman of Earth-65. In one storyline, called “Sitting in a Tree,” Miles’ father, Jefferson, has been sent on an an inter-dimensional mission by S.H.I.E.L.D. but he had gone missing.

Maria Hill asks Miles Morales to locate his father, and bring him back home safely. Using a secret government device, Miles teams up with Spider-Gwen and travels through the multi-verse to find Jefferson, an exciting friendship, and one special kiss.


Most of the world fell in love with princess Shuri after the big screen release of Black Panther. Shuri has genius-level intelligence, and is happiest spending most of her time in the lab. When T’Challa goes missing, the citizens Wakanda want her to don the title of Black Panther, but she refuses the burden.

Instead, Shuri tackles the problem using science. She works together with Miles Morales to track down Graviton, a villain who can create black holes, and uses nothing more than her sheer brilliance to take Graviton down.

The Avengers

Miles Morales has worked with the Avengers on many occasions, fighting alongside Sam Wilson as Captain America, working with Iron Man, and even teaming with Black Panther. In the huge comic event Civil War II, an Inhuman sees a future in which Miles Morales kills Captain America. Iron Man says that future is ridiculous.

Iron Man trusts Miles implicitly, despite any attempts to slander him. Iron Man sees the good in his heart, and spends time trying to convince other heroes that he would never hurt Captain America. Black Panther waits to see how Captain America feels, and then agrees that Miles Morales should be protected.

Captain America

In Civil War II, even after Captain America agrees that Miles Morales is a good kid who would never intentionally kill anyone, Carol Danvers believes the prophecy. So Miles Morales and Captain America agree to come together in a public display of trust, and they meet together, deliberating over how they could stop this terrible war.

Even then, nothing can stop Iron Man when he is determined to protect someone, and the war continues down a treacherous path as Tony Stark fights against the precog Inhuman whose visions predict nothing but terror for the Marvel Universe.


In one of the unlikelier and lighter team-ups, Miles is on a missing persons case. Miles is looking for his girlfriend’s cousin, when he runs into the villain Rhino. Miles jumps into action, thinking Rhino was responsible for kidnapping her, but there’s an unlikely twist.

Rhino is actually searching for his deceased wife’s niece. And so, the two team up and actually make a pretty silly and effective team!

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