New Court of the Dead art print series featuring Death and the leaders of the Underworld

From Sideshow’s Court of the Dead, we are proud to present a new three-part Premium Art Print series by illustrator Sean Andrew Murray, featuring Death and the leaders of the Underworld.

In his quest to discover the true balance of order and chaos, Death has allowed the three Factions of the Underworld to rise up and rule in his stead. Flesh, Spirit, Bone โ€“ each an essential component to understanding the true nature of existence. But before the leaders of these Factions can unite, they must first realize their own potential.

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“Is this what you wish for โ€“ A kingdom to rule? People to serve? I give you these things, what you make of them is your own choice.”

Death entrusts Queen Gethsemoni with the power of his realm, and only time will tell whether his faith in her shall be rewarded…

“You seek to impose order and structure, but there are things within the heart of the Underworld that refuse to be tamed.”

Death watches the Chancellor of Bone without interference, as it remains to be seen whether her need for control can be mitigated by her compassion…

“The suffering of your past cannot be denied. But pain is relative, and unlike so many, your future is yet your own to write.”

Kier, Death’s Valkyrie and the young leader of the Faction of Spirit, looks on in wonder and sadness as she touches the hearts and minds of those souls that could not be saved…

About the Artist

A concept illustrator with over 15 years experience, Sean Andrew Murray has an impressive portfolio which includes pieces for Guillermo del Toro, Wizards of the West Coast, Fantasy Flight Games, and now Court of the Dead. A graduate of Syracuse University, he has taught in the illustration department at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and has spoken at Syracuse University’s Visual Communication Symposium. He also occasionally runs his own 6-week long intensive online seminars on the subject of “world-building for concept artists and illustrators.”
Read his behind the scenes interview on the making of these pieces.

These 16ร—20โ€ hand-numbered, limited edition art prints feature an authorized penciled artist signature and embossed seal of authenticity. They will be available framed or unframed.

Pre-orders will begin Monday, August 24th at 10am PT.