Critical Role Art Prints That Bring Adventure to Your Walls

Critters, are your walls a little bare? Do you seek the same adventure adorning your home gallery as you feel when you roll dice? Well, fear not. This trusty NPC shop keeper (sorry, but non-romance-able) is here to assist!

Below, find a curated list of Critical Role art featuring your favorite groups: Vox Machina, the Mighty Nein, and Bells Hells.

Vox Machina Art

Vex & Vax

The twins Vax’ildan and Vex’ahlia share a bond like no other. Celebrate the love between these half-elf heroes with the Vex & Vax Fine Art Print by Ian MacDonald. Rich in detail and super saturated colors, this beautiful Vox Machina art is the perfect gift for your sibling or for yourself. Plus, it even features Trinket the bear — and how could you ever pass up that good boy?

Percival de Rolo: Manifestation of the List

A tortured soul is haunted by a need for vengeance in the Percival de Rolo: Manifestation of the List Fine Art Print by Livia Prima. As Percy is consumed by rage, he makes a pact with a shadow monster to secure his retribution upon the Briarwoods. This exquisite art captures that fateful moment, creating an indelible portrait of the traumatized yet charming character we all know and love.

Mighty Nein Art

The Mighty Nein: This is How We Roll!

Gather round and raise your tankard to the loveliness that is Ian MacDonald’s The Mighty Nein: This is How We Roll! Fine Art Print. This lively scene celebrates a lifelong connection with warm colors and flowing ale. You can hang it in the dining room or living room — essentially any spot where you can share it with friends and family.

The Mighty Nein: Nat 20!

For many gamers, the D20 is the ultimate decider of destiny. The Mighty Nein: Nat 20! Fine Art Print by Natalie Dombois honors every time players literally take their own fate into their hands. And within this glowing outline, you can find the Mighty Nein members whose lives are determined by the rolls that make up their campaign.

Fjord Refjorged

Fjord’s journey is one of self discovery and reformation. The Fjord Refjorged Fine Art Print by Couple of Kooks takes special care in showing his amazing arc throughout the series. From the Wildmother statue to the Dwueth’var sword, each detail in this piece is crafted with the utmost attention to his character. It is therefore a must-have for any Fjord fans.

Yasha Portrait

Artist Sam Hogg captures the beauty, brilliance, and badassery of the heroes of Critical Role: Campaign 2 in this collectible art series. This Yasha Fine Art Print is part of the Mighty Nein Portrait Series, an Art Nouveau collection bursting with intricate details. Every corner is filled with a hint about Yasha’s story — can you find them all?

Bells Hells Art

The Draw of Destiny

The quirky, complex heroes of Bells Hells are ready to take on the mysteries of Marquet in The Draw of Destiny Fine Art Print by Ian MacDonald! This sprawling scene showcases a whole host of unique and adventure-ready faces. You get to decide where they go next. Perhaps into your shopping cart?

Fresh Cut Grass: Smiley Day!

There’s more to this little robot than meets the eye. Nathaniel Himawan spotlights the fun-loving Bells Hells healer in the Fresh Cut Grass: Smiley Day! Fine Art Print. This vibrant portrait captures FCG’s hopes and happiness as they wheel toward a fluttering new friend, completely carefree. Hang this in your home where you can look at it whenever you need a mood boost!

Critters, will you add any of these Critical Role collectibles to your home? Share your collection in our Hall of Frame Facebook Group, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!