Transformers Gift Guide: Add a Spark to Your Collection!

In the blink of an eye, these impressive machines can transform from vehicle to fighter, or beast to warrior. That’s right — we’re talkin’ Transformers!

When your gifts need an extra dash of Saturday morning nostalgia, Transformers are the perfect collectibles. From art prints to action figures and statues, these awesomely retro ’80s superstars are ready to bring some Allspark to your collection. Get ready to roll out with our Transformers Gift Guide!

Jetfire DLX Figure

Often, with more experience comes more wisdom. Someone who’s older might benefit from a broadened perspective, perhaps even seeing the error of their ways like Jetfire. Though he was formerly a Decepticon who worked for The Fallen, Jetfire realizes that the Cybertronian super-villain is wrong. He switches sides and proves to be an invaluable ally for the Autobots.

In the live-action Transformers movies order, Jetfire appears in the second film, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Threezero’s DLX Jetfire Collectible Figure recreates the wise Transformer’s appearance in impressive diecast form. The figure features LED-illuminated eyes and rocket thrusters, his signature landing gear cane, and detachable armor pieces that can be integrated into the DLX Optimus Prime figure to help in the eternal fight against Megatron and The Fallen.

Leo Prime Model Kit

Perfect for professional model kit users as well as beginning collectors, the Leo Prime Model Kit allows you to construct this Beast Wars hero in moveable, fully articulated detail. Originally known as Lio Convoy, this Transformer combines Optimus Prime’s familiar heroic features with the raw, fierce power of a lion.

The Leo Prime Model Kit by Flame Toys includes customizable colors for runner parts and a cloth cape, making this 7″ tall figure a leader among your Maximals and Autobots. With Leo, AKA the king of the jungle, on your side, the Predacons don’t stand a chance.

Megatron Art Print

Orlando Arocena’s Megatron Fine Art Print brings the Transformers super-villain to life using a grim closeup silhouette. The Decepticon stops at nothing in his missions to restore power to his homeworld of Cyberton, even if that’s at the expense of Earth’s organic life.

In his signature vector art style, Arocenca capture’s Megatron’s ruthless nature. The leader of the Decepticons is shown staring straight ahead, no doubt constructing an evil plan as his sinister metal surfaces gleam. This print also makes a perfect Transformers pairing with Arocena’s Optimus Prime Fine Art Print – two sides of a Cybertron coin.

Banzai-Tron Action Figure

Transformers are eternally driven by their need for power. Without a viable source of power, their ability to transform is endangered. When a new source of power, Nucleon, was discovered, the only side effect was losing transformational function. That’s when the Transformers like Banzai-Tron developed impressive weapons and vehicles that could retain transformation.

With a variety of interchangeable parts and bright neon components, Super 7’s Banzai-Tron Action Figure is ready to fight! Like other Action Masters, Banzai-Tron includes his partner, Razor-Sharp and Photon Neutralizer, which combine with Banzai-Tron to form the battle-ending Semi-Automatic Gun.

Thundercracker – G1 Statue

The designs of Transformers Generation 1 characters are iconic, with their big bold lines and massive weaponry. Premium Collectible Studio’s Thundercracker – G1 Statue captures this Decepticon’s menacing visage in perfect detail. At 26.5″ tall, the Thundercracker statue easily towers over any who dare oppose him.

Painted highlights recreate the animated series’ signature two-dimensional style in stunning three-dimensional form, and the podium base lifts up Thundercracker in a fiery blast of vapor and flames. There’s no mistaking that Thundercracker is a powerful weapon among the Seekers.

Optimus Prime MDLX Figure

We couldn’t showcase a collection of Transformers statues and figures without the most recognizable robot of them all: Optimus Prime! He’s the leader of the Autobots, a noble and brave figure who leads by example and protects the freedom of all sentient beings, no matter what it takes.

Threezero’s hyper-realistic Optimus Prime MDLX Collectible Figure stays true to the character’s beloved original appearance while also updating it with an exiciting, modern aesthetic. Kelvin Sau, Threezero’s art director, designed the Optimus Prime figure to feature maximal articulation, a diecast metal frame, and beautiful paint application. The Decepticons are looking real quiet right about now.

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