Screen-Smashing DC Collectibles for DCEU Fans!

Over the years, DC Comics films have provided us with a wide range of portrayals for our favorite heroes and villains. From the gritty realism of The Dark Knight Trilogy to the bright colors and splashy irreverence of Harley Quinn’s adventures, there’s been something for every fan.

There’s a certain comic book beauty to that wide range. Each set of stories has its own feel, aesthetic, and voice — not unlike the books we love to pick up from our local comics shop. Without further ado, here are some DC collectibles you can add to your collection and celebrate the DCEU, in all its eclectic glory!

Knightmare Batman & Superman Sixth Scale Figure Set by Hot Toys

“We have to stick to the plan to have any chance to make this right.” – Batman

Super heroes are meant to be unbreakable, a constant force of good in a world that’s endlessly plagued by evil. But what happens when a hero gives in to their darker side? When that hero is the all-powerful Superman, the results are nothing short of horrific.

In Zack Snyder’s Justice League, audiences were given a glimpse of the Knightmare timeline, an alternate universe where Darkseid killed Lois Lane and Superman seeks vengeance upon the world. Only Batman, with the remains of the Justice League and questionable help from The Joker, can find a way to stop the embittered Man of Steel. Hot Toys brings these dark visions of DC’s biggest heroes into sixth scale form — Batman with his apocalyptic trench coat costume and Superman with his black suit. Honor Batman’s promise and add the Knightmare Batman & Superman Sixth Scale Collectible Set to your display today.

Darkseid 1:10 Scale Statue by Iron Studios

“I have turned one hundred thousand worlds to dust looking for Anti-Life; looking for those who robbed me of my glory. I will stride across their bones and bask in the glow of Anti-Life, and all of existence shall be mine!” – Darkseid

Only a super-villain as formidable as Darkseid could pose a threat to the combined power of the Justice League. Even when these heroes unite against the Dark God of Apokolips, the fight is by no means easy. Darkseid’s eternal objective is to wield the Anti-Life Equation. With this power, all free will would bend to his desire and the universe would be remade in his infernal vision.

With Iron Studios’ Darkseid 1:10 Scale Statue, the terrifying tyrant can impose disorder on your display and pose a threat to your mightiest DC heroes. His gladiatorial armor is screen accurate down to every crease and corner, and those muscles are ready to crush any who dare oppose him.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League B&W Film Can LED Poster Sign by Brandlite

“I’m not broken. And I’m not alone.” – Cyborg

The greatest heroes take their own pain and forge it into the drive to do good. Cyborg, along with the rest of the newly formed Justice League, must complete this task before Darkseid can be defeated. Zack Snyder’s Justice League retells this team’s origin story.

For legendary figures like Cyborg, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and The Flash, casting aside ego is no easy feat. Well, actually, maybe that’s just the case for Batman and Superman. But at the end of the day, when these heroes learn to work together and unite against a universal threat, there’s no limit to what they can do. When you add this Zack Snyder Justice League poster to your wall, you can honor that legacy with Brandlite’s signature LED glow — and remind yourself that you’re never alone.

Bloodsport 1:10 Scale Statue by Iron Studios

“Yeah, there’s no good in me.” – Bloodsport

Robert DuBois, AKA Bloodsport, is one of those reluctant leader types. He’ll say one liners about not being a hero but when it comes down to it, Bloodsport can get the job done. As he’ll be the first to tell you, he always hits his targets dead center — even more centered than Peacemaker.

But nobody likes a show-off, which is why The Suicide Squad‘s Bloodsport is understated. This Iron Studios 1/10 scale Bloodsport Statue shows the antihero’s chiseled form, ready to strike from near or far. In the heat of battle, he keeps his wits about him, leading by example and remaining focused. Unless there’s rats. Rats are out of the question.

Black Canary Print by Tula Lotay

“Thanks, but I’m good with the singing gig.” – Dinah Lance

Cover your ears! Dinah Lance’s canary cry shatters anything in its path. This bird sings in and out of her cage, but once she lets loose her song there’s no turning back. A few notes from the Black Canary will bring a quick end to any evil performance.

In Tula Lotay’s vibrant portrait, Black Canary’s appearance from Birds of Prey is captured in stunning detail. With a cool-toned gradient background and jagged sound measures to let you know she’s ready to go, this Black Canary Art Print shows off the hero’s piercing power. Plus, if her voice doesn’t knock you out, that bat sure will.

Aquaman 1:10 Scale Statue by Iron Studios

“Ask the sea for mercy!” – Aquaman

Aquaman is a hero of two worlds — a son of the land and a king of the seas. He’s the protector of the deep. His journey to embrace this title wasn’t exactly smooth sailing but the call of the ocean is nearly impossible to resist. Like a swelling tidal wave, Aquaman’s power is a force of nature.

More than a king, Aquaman is a defender of anyone who needs it. Iron Studios’ 1:10 Scale Aquaman Statue portrays this hero in an impressive pose, trident pointing upward and sea foam swirling at his feet with a portrait inspired by Jason Momoa’s appearance in the DCEU films. So what could be greater than a hero? A statue of a hero, of course.

Harley Quinn Caution Tape Jacket Version Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys


A harlequin might live to serve, but Harley %^[email protected]*# Quinn serves no one. You never know what you’re gonna get with her — and that right there is Harley’s charm. She’s unhinged in the best (and worst) ways, and she’s always up for a fight.

At the beginning of Harley Quinn’s fantabulous misadventure, she’s decked out in this multicolored ensemble. A sporty top and shorts are elevated with her over-the-shoulder caution tape jacket, streamers of every color hanging from each arm. Hot Toys’ Harley Quinn Caution Tape Jacket Version Sixth Scale Figure takes every detail from screen to sixth scale. The figure even includes her perfect egg sandwich!

As DC films and television head in an exciting new direction under James Gunn and Peter Safran’s creative leadership, which new projects are you most looking forward to? On that same note, which of these DCEU collectibles will you be adding to your shelf?

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