DJ Jazzy Jeff Celebrates BUA’s Elements of Hip Hop Statues

Music to our ears! The legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff recently got up close and personal with BUA’s incredible Elements of Hip Hop collection on his Magnificent House Party show. As a pioneer of music culture himself, Jazz celebrated the statues’ release with a live DJ set incorporating themes of all four elements into the track list β€” from the MC to the DJ and from the B-Boy to the Graffiti Artist.

The statues can be seen in front of DJ Jazzy Jeff’s turntable setup in this awesome spotlight video as well as throughout the entire performance. Check out his special shoutout to the collection in the feature below:

The Elements of Hip Hop collection pays tribute to the archetypal heroes of the Golden Era of Hip Hop, representing art, MCing, DJing, and breakdancing. The most famous of these is perhaps The DJ, a titan of the turntable working tirelessly to create new sounds. DJ Jazzy Jeff himself is credited with popularizing the transformer scratch β€” making this statue celebration a true slice of Hip Hop history.

You can see the full Twitch replay of Magnificent House Party by visiting To browse the full Elements of Hip Hop Collection, based on the iconic artwork of Justin BUA, visit

The Elements of Hip Hop

β€œThrough their artistry [the Elements of Hip Hop] symbolize and evoke unity, brotherhood, and positivity.”

BUA’s iconic style takes on a new life in three-dimensional collectible format. This collaboration with Sideshow includes The DJ, The MC, The Artist, and The B-Boy, each representing a pillar of Hip Hop culture and lifestyle. Each is a creator and an innovator whose entire being embodies the transformative power of art, music, dancing, and lyricism.

Each statue in the collection is sculpted in a unique forced perspective style to capture the movement and energy of BUA’s original artwork. Lighting-conscious paint applications create a dynamic blend of highlights and shadows that emphasize key elements of the sculpt and further highlights BUA’s signature visual style.

The DJ

The DJ spins vinyl and manipulates the mixing board to scratch out his own signature beat. He stands as an homage to the musical innovators who pioneered Hip Hop culture through experimentation, dedication, and collaboration.

The Artist

The Artist stands with feet planted firmly between the tracks as he brandishes his tools of the trade, from bolt cutters to canisters of spray paint. Stained with an array of colors, his clothes and gear tell the story of his fearless pursuit of self-expression as entire cityscapes transform into canvas for his creativity and identity.

The MC

As the Master of Ceremonies, The MC stands front and center as a tribute to those Hip Hop wordsmiths who captivate the crowds with lyrical creativity, adaptability, and unwavering energy.

The B-Boy

Immersed in the Hip Hop lifestyle, The B-Boy breaks it down on his cardboard floor, spinning windmills as he hones his physical craft.

The Elements of Hip Hop collection statues are each sold separately, and are ready to ship to you now. The DJ is already waitlisted, so don’t delay in bringing home the rest of these stellar icons of Hip Hop culture for your own music display.

Have you added the Elements of Hip Hop statues to your collection yet? Which one represents your favorite aspect of Hip Hop culture? Let Your Geek Sideshow and tell us in the comments!