Ukiyomemes Uses AR Filters on Fine Art Prints

Who knew memes could be so … moving? We’ve all laughed at and shared popular internet memes like the This Is Fine dog and the Well Now I’m Not Doing It penguin Pingu. Now, artist ukiyomemes takes these internet sensations to a whole new level. They say a meme is worth a thousand laughs, but when you add an AR filter the results are much more than fine.

These special edition art prints are part of a collection called Memes of the Floating World in which ukiyomemes blends vibrant colors and Japanese imagery to add even more meaning to our favorite internet memes. Unique AR filters created by the artist on Instagram use augmented reality to breathe new life into two ukiyomemes prints, Confused Anime Butterfly Guy and Woman Yelling at Cat.

Augmented reality sounds like something out of a sci-fi flick rather than art history, but by using the Instagram filter on your very own mobile device, collectors of these ukiyomemes prints can instill actual movement into their prints. Keep reading to learn how you can use the AR filter on your own collection of meme prints.

Whatever Floats Your Meme

You only need a few materials to add new dimension to your ukiyomemes art prints: a phone, an Instagram filter, and, of course, the physical prints themselves!

First, open your Instagram app and head over to the ukiyomemes profile. From there, click the icon with 3 stars located near the middle of your screen, just below the row of IG Stories. Next, select one of the AR filters, depending on which print you are working with — currently, Woman Yelling at Cat and Confused Anime Butterfly Guy have unique filters available.

A preview video will play that shows you what the filter does, but to do it yourself you’ll click the “Try It” button in the bottom left corner of the screen. This step opens your device’s camera, and when pointed at the physical prints, the animated AR features will appear!

If you’re looking to add these prints to your collection, Confused Anime Butterfly Guy (Set of 2) is coming soon to pre-order from Sideshow Art Prints, but the Woman Yelling at Cat (Set of 2) is ready to ship to you now. It is available in a gallery-wrapped canvas format as well as a wood block format, and the Augmented Reality filter will work with either version of the set.

What Does It All Meme?

Artist ukiyomemes blends classic Japanese art sensibilities with the most popular visual language of the current moment, internet memes. Humor and style come together like never before in these prints of ukiyomemes’ artwork, available as high-end gallery-wrapped canvas art prints or wood block prints through a collaborative release with Sideshow Art Prints. But what is the origin of the ukiyo-e style?

Ukiyo-e, or pictures of the floating world, is a Japanese art movement from the 17th century that emphasizes beauty and pleasure in life through a variety of subjects from history and folk tales. The now-iconic style became popular with merchants prosperous enough to indulge in the privilege of decorating their homes with artwork — and now you can do the same, with a modern twist!

Other beloved memes available now from this collection include artistic takes on Longcat & Tacgnol, the This is Fine dog, and the Well Now I’m Not Doing It penguin, each with a humorous new perspective on modern viral hits. See it all at

Have you tried out ukiyomemes’ new AR filters yet? Which of the meme fine art prints have you added to your collection? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!