Everything Grogu Eats In The Mandalorian

Star Wars™: The Mandalorian™ introduced audiences to The Child, a 50 year old creature that is the same species as Jedi Master Yoda. While we know very little about this species, The Mandalorian series solidified three concepts.

Number one, Yoda and the Child, also called Grogu, are a species that is extremely connected to the force. Number two, the species ages extremely slowly, since the Child is 50 years old, and yet still in its infantile stage. And finally, and most important to this article, the Child loves to eat.

All throughout the series, he is hungry and looking for sustenance and snacks. If the classic phrase, “Don’t play with your food,” exists in the Star Wars Universe, no one told little Grogu.

We’ve compiled a list of everything that Grogu has eaten (or tried to eat) in the first two seasons of The Mandalorian.

Roasted Beast

In Chapter 7: The Reckoning, the kindly protector and avid supporter Kuiil continues to help the Mandalorian and the Child. Along with all of the help, sacrifice, and kindness that Kuiil gives the pair, he also offers the Child some unknown roasted beast.

It’s unclear what the food actually is, but Grogu is less picky about his meals than one might think.

Trooper Finger

In Chapter 8: Redemption, while being rescued by the Mandalorian and Kuiil, Grogu digs his teeth into the finger of a trooper.

These sinister troopers working under the command of Moff Gideon absolutely deserve to face some resistance. So even though Grogu‘s little teeth aren’t enough to scare them away, at least he got a snack.

Bone Broth

Throughout the show, the Child’s most commonly consumed food is soup. In Chapter 4: Sanctuary the soup is introduced as Bone Broth. And though it’s not as specific in Chapter 12: The Siege, it seems to be about the same.

Whenever the Mandalorian asks for food for the Child, he asks for “something with bones.” Wherever they go, they can reliably get bone broth. Bone Broth is also one of the least distressing things that Grogu eats. This list only gets stranger from here.

Tentacle Chowder

Chapter 11: The Heiress features some strange sort of chowder. As Din Djarin tries to understand these brand new types of Mandalorians, Grogu tries to understand his meal.

At first glance, it appears to be a regular chowder. But upon further inspection of the bowl, a strange tentacle rises from below and curls into view. Regardless of which Star Wars cookbook your recipe comes from, a tentacle would likely be a good reason not to eat the dish.

But the tentacle is what makes the chowder all that more appealing for Grogu. He slurps up the soup, tentacle and all. And when more tentacle creatures attempt to attack him, he’s already got a taste for more.

Blue Snacks

Chapter 12: The Siege follows the Mandalorian and the Child to the familiar planet of Nevarro, where Grogu has to go to school. Grogu is not at all interested in the topic at hand, and completely tunes out the teacher. Instead, he zeroes in on one of the students nearby. Sitting on the student’s desk is a bright blue cookie snack, similar to an Earth macaron.

Suddenly, Grogu is thrilled to be in class. But when the other student refused to share the blue delicacies, Grogu made it his goal to acquire them. Without knowing what they were or how they tasted, The Child decided that he wanted it more. He needed the blue snacks, and even relied on his connection to The Force to pull the cookies towards him.

The look of pure joy on his face when he bit into his new snack was priceless. (Even if he tossed his cookies later in the Razor Crest cockpit.)

Ice Spiders

There are good times to grab a snack, and seriously, treacherously terrible times to grab a snack. For example, in Chapter 10: The Passenger, The Mandalorian, the Frog Lady, and The Child wander into a mysterious cave.

It’s unclear exactly what’s in the cave, other than the relaxing hotspring. Grogu is determined to uncover the secrets of the cave with the hopes of finding a new snack. So the audience shouldn’t have been surprised when he eats a baby ice spider from the cave.

Naturally, that causes a massive swarm of giant ice spiders to attack. Still, that’s not unnatural for a day with the Mandalorian and the Child.


In Chapter 2: The Child, Grogu finds himself one of his favorite snacks. He finds a frog. The Mandalorian tells him very pointedly to, “Spit that out!” but Grogu completely ignores that advice. It is not the last time he wants to eat frogs either. Chapter 4: Sanctuary also sees Grogu eating frogs, much to the disgust and delight of the children in the village. And of course, in Chapter 10, we see The Child eating lots and lots of the eggs of the amphibious Frog Lady.

The Mandalorian makes a deal with an amphibious mother-to-be in Chapter 10: The Passenger. The Frog Lady promises to lead Din Djarin to other Mandalorians in exchange for dangerous and manual transportation to another planet. If they use their hyperdrive, the Frog Lady’s eggs will not survive.

And even still, not all of them do. The Child has more than his fair share of eggs over the course of the trip, even sneaking more behind The Mandalorian’s back.

Silver Shift Knob

But still, the best and most important snack of them all is the Razor Crest’s Silver Shift Knob. As soon as Grogu got his co-pilot’s seat in the Razor Crest, he’s had his eye on the shiniest, most delicious-looking starship equipment in the entire galaxy.

Maybe it just looked fun, maybe it looked like a good snack. Whatever the case, Grogu loved to steal the knob from the ship. It even helped him use the force when Ahsoka Tano needed proof of his power! By far the most useful snack in the entire series.

What’s your favorite food from The Mandalorian and The Child‘s adventures? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!