Face Your Fears with The Joker- Face of Insanity Life-Size Bust

Turn and face the strange.

Sideshow Collectibles in partnership with Pure Arts proudly presents The Joker: Face of Insanity Life-Size Bust. This DC Comics piece puts you face to face with one of the greatest foes Batman™ has ever faced, immortalizing the likeness of the infamous Killer Clown.

This life-size bust is meticulously sculpted to capture every detail of the Joker’s madness, from the furrow of this focused brow to creases formed by his signature smile. The piece is made in resin with a metal mask stand, holding the frightening face aloft.

Lifelike paint application shows off the Joker’s comedic range (or derange) with his iconic white face paint, shadowed eyelids, and ghoulish red grin from ear to ear.

Beneath the Joker’s grim visage, the base is composed of a cascade of cards all featuring the face of a fool. The Clown Prince of Crime is playing with a full deck, and this time it’s Joker’s wild. This life-size replica stands at 21.25″ from the top of the face to the bottom of the base.  The Joker: Face of Insanity comes also with a magnetically attached Bat Shuriken for the base, because Batsy came to cut the deck!

Put a smile on your face with The Joker: Face of Insanity Life-Size Bust, for it’s tragedy tomorrow and comedy tonight!  Pre-Orders for The Joker: Face of Insanity Life Size Bust will begin on Thursday, June 15th between 12pm-3pm PT, and will be priced at $349.99.

Please note this piece is not intended to be worn, and is for display purposes only.