Fandom Connection Spotlight: Steve N.

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We want to feature you and your pop culture story through the Fandom Connection Spotlight, sharing true stories of global geeks just like you! We’ve asked collectors to tell us what pop culture means to them personally, and now we’re highlighting the heartwarming, nostalgia-filled fandom.

Hey there! Please introduce yourself.

My name is Steve N., and I’m from Virignia. My #1 fandom is Star Wars™, but I love just about everything: Star Trek, Marvel, DC, video games, and so on. If it’s geeky, I try to stay in the know.

Did someone like a family member, friend, or anyone else get you into pop culture?

Nope. I was 2 years old when the original Star Wars came out, so I was fortunate to be born in the “Golden Age of Geek”. G.I. Joe, Transformers, Masters of the Universe, Voltron. All those things made me the geek I am today.

What is your earliest geeky memory?

I remember reading a copy of Captain America and the Falcon that my brothers had laying around and being freaked out by robot Arnim Zola. Also playing with their Mego super hero figures. One of my favorite memories is remembering Walrus Man peeking out of my Christmas stocking way back when.

What are your favorite fandoms?

My favorite fandoms are Star Wars, film scores (especially John Williams), Star Trek, G.I. Joe, Transformers, super heroes, James Bond movies, and far too many other things to list there.

How do you engage with your fandoms?

I’m a low-key fan/collector (not to be confused with a Loki collector) with a few sixth scale pieces. I own a few other things but nothing massive like so many in the LYGSS Group have. I love to discuss my favorite series and share film music that moves me.

That said, I don’t hide my fandom, as my license plate is OBI-JUAN. I get such a kick when I see people behind me in traffic taking a photo of it, and I get so many comments on it.

Do you have a favorite pop culture-related life experience?

I have a few: In college, my friends and I went to see Star Trek Generations on opening night and there was an older woman who was the spitting image of Gates McFadden, which blew my girlfriend’s mind. At GenCon Indy, I met Jeremy Bulloch, Daniel Logan, Sean Astin, John Rhys-Davies, R. A. Salvatore, Gil Gerard, Erin Gray, and almost got run over by Virginia Hey.

My dad is not a very pop culture guy. That said, I have very fond memories of him taking me to see Return of the Jedi and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade on their opening nights. The latter is a very special memory seeing as it deals with a father and son relationship. Luckily, our relationship is nowhere near as complicated as Indy’s and Henry’s.

Have you ever traveled for a fandom related reason?

As mentioned above, I’ve gone to Gencon Indy a few times and Tidewater Comic-Con is in my hometown, but my favorite geek journey was when my best friend and I went to see Star Wars: The Making of Myth exhibit at the Smithsonian. Seeing screen-used props and characters in person was amazing!

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