Rare Finds: Iconic Anime Hero Collectibles

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Anime-zing Roster of Iconic Heroes

Whether you partake in dubbed viewings or subtitled series, anime fans can all agree that the powerful heroes we see on the screen are symbols of inspiration and action. They are passionate about their battles for goodness and often have the best rallying cries. Anime intro music can ignite emotions in our hearts that make us want to have a magical girl transformation or be bonded to a powered-up weapon of our very own.

While many of these series tackle both the good and bad sides of the world, today we’re focusing on those who battle for love, for honor, and for a future of humanity that’s free from evil and its many forms. Relive your favorite chapters from modern smash-hits and classic series alike with this vibrant lineup of iconic anime heroes.

Kyojuro Rengoku Statue by MegaHouse

Bringing the heat to your collection with Flame Breathing.

You know what they say — we all have our demons. But that doesn’t mean you can’t defeat them as a member of the Demon Slayer Corps! Whether or not you’ve got a specialized sword, keep the beasts at bay with this high-ranking Flame Hashira by your side. Elegant and powerful, Kyojuro Rengoku makes the perfect ally in the fight against the evils of the world, wielding his Nichirin sword. So practice your breathing, and hop aboard the Mugen Train alongside this indomitable hero.

Eren Yeager Statue (Renewal Package Variant) by Kotobukiya

From Wall Maria to the walls of your home.

As the song goes, “protect ya neck!” You don’t need omni-directional mobility gear to appreciate every angle of this dynamic Eren Yeager Statue by Kotobukiya. Skillfully brought to life in three dimensions, this Titan-fighting Scout is ready to go for the throat (or the nape) of anyone who stands in his path to save humanity. He is accompanied by a detailed tree base that will put you right in the middle of the gravity-defying feats of the Survey Corps on their path to retake the walls.

All Might (Silver Age) Statue by First 4 Figures

For the collector who goes beyond — Plus Ultra!

He might be Silver Age, but that smile is pure gold. While many heroes go through retcons, gritty alternate personas, and evil clone arcs, the legendary hero known as All Might has been a consistent symbol of hope and justice for the super powered and the quirkless alike! While costumes may come and go, the heart of the hero beneath the colorful cloth remains the same. Celebrate the Silver Age of All Might with this articulated statue that Izuku Midoriya would be proud to display along his shelf of super hero action figures.

Nobara Kugisaki Statue by Kotobukiya

No need to hammer the point further…

Every little thing she does is magic! Or, to be more specific, it’s jujutsu sorcery. She may be a young initiate at Tokyo Jujutsu High, but Nobara is confident in her strength and grace. She isn’t afraid to take charge around Yuji and Megumi, and cursed spirits can hardly phase her. This dynamic depiction is based on an original illustration of the character that captures her tactical skill and resolved attitude, preparing to use her Straw Doll Technique. If you’re looking for an enchanting new addition to your collection, you’re sure to nail it with Nobara Kugisaki!

Sailor Pluto (Animation Color Edition) Figure by Bandai

Just as important as any other planet.

Whether or not scientists agree on Pluto’s planetary status, there’s no doubt that Setsuna Meiou, or Sailor Pluto, is out there defending the world. As part of the Outer Sailor Guardians, she brings a touch of darkness and intrigue to the colorful and lighthearted antics of the other Sailor Senshi. Looking for a long-lasting cosmic collectible? Since she can never leave her guardian post, there’s no better time (or space) to make room for Sailor Pluto on your shelf!

These anime collectibles translate beloved heroes from two dimensions into three dimensions, bringing all the bright colors and high-flying action from our favorite series to life. Next time you sit down to catch up on your shows, be sure to bring these characters along for the ride.