The Most Outrageous Kills in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad

*This blog contains mature, graphic content. Reader discretion is advised.

What’s in a name? Well, for a team like the Suicide Squad, the name really says it all. Members of this elite yet deranged super hero task force are prepared to do whatever it takes for victory. That means killing and being killed in some of the most gruesome, gory ways we’ve ever seen on film.

DC Comics’ The Suicide Squad splattered the silver screen with scarlet. Lots of it. Below, let’s look at the most outrageous ways these characters died and dealt out death during the explosive extravaganza that was DC’s latest live-action project.

Captain Boomerang and the Corto Maltese Soldier

The first fight in the film is the Corto Maltese beach massacre; we’re calling it that because almost every ill-fated person there met a grotesque end. This brutal, extended action sequence involves exploded faces, immolation, and bullets. This is, however, pretty standard super hero combat.

One of the wilder deaths comes a bit further in when Captain Boomerang tosses his trusty tool. We watch the boomerang find its targets before coming back, and then the carnage follows. It cuts a man’s throat. And then it slices through a soldier’s cranium. The top half of his head slides off to expose his brain before he collapses.

The Detachable Kid and the Beach

T.D.K.’s death also occurs on that South American beach. The character’s powers are already a bit off putting β€” as the codename suggests, he can remove parts of his body to complete tasks for him. In Corto Maltese, T.D.K. removes his arms at the shoulders. It’s not a clean separation by any standard β€” the bone, sinew, tissue, and blood inside the man are clearly visible.

This could come in handy … or it could be his downfall, as it so clearly is in the DC film. Soldiers shoot at T.D.K.’s unarmed appendages while T.D.K.’s body lies waiting in the sand. Although his last breath is not drawn onscreen, it’s implied that he bleeds out from midair.

Bloodsport and the Bathtub

Colonel Rick Flag’s rescue is a bloodbath β€” literally. Bloodsport, Peacemaker, King Shark, Polka-Dot Man, and Ratcatcher II storm a rebel base camp in hopes of retrieving the Task Force X leader. During their mission, Bloodsport and Peacemaker engage in what can only be described as a pissing contest.

The two mercenaries try to outdo each other in both kill count and creative kills. Bloodsport’s best hit is when he shoots a fan. It teeters off a side table, falling into a full tub and electrocuting the naked man inside. Undignified and over the top, this death remains one of the most memorable in the entire movie.

Peacemaker and the Exploding Compression Bullets

Described as “dope as f**k” by their owner, Peacemaker’s exploding compression bullets act initially as normal bullets. He fires them from a ridiculously long silver gun that matches his “toilet seat” helmet. Depending on where the bullet ends up, it looks like a non-lethal shot. But you have to wait for it.

In a few seconds, a normal, treatable wound causes a person to explode. Peacemaker uses this weapon simply to gloat, though its use undeniably earns him the results he wants β€” an enemy’s death, plus Bloodsport’s admission that, yeah, it was worth showing that off.

Harley Quinn and the Floral Machine Guns

Harley Quinn is imprisoned and tortured. While everybody else plans to retrieve her, she rescues herself in an all-out slaughter. While still handcuffed and hanging from the ceiling, she takes out two guys and then prances around the beautifully decorated mansion with two pistols and an acrobatic, resourceful hand-to-hand combat style.

When her ammo runs out, she thankfully comes across a couple machine guns. Hoisting those into her arms, she fires away while screaming and imagining a burst of colorful cartoon flowers, animals, and sparkly shapes. The dichotomy of the blood and birdies is absurd. It’s also so classically Harley.

King Shark and the General

We’ve seen King Shark devour humans before this point in The Suicide Squad. He’s always looking for his next nom nom, after all. But his most outrageous kill occurs in the final act of the film. Faced with a stern military, King Shark doesn’t back down from rushing a general and biting his head off.

It can’t be captured in an image, so you’ll have to rewatch the scene closely to catch this, but the general’s eyes are still wide and darting back and forth in absolute panic as King Shark holds his severed heard in his bloody maw. Raw flesh hangs in blood-soaked ribbons at the missing throat. While scientifically impossible, it makes for compelling β€” albeit disturbing β€” cinema.

Ratcatcher II and Starro

Pretend for a second that you haven’t seen The Suicide Squad. Now imagine you’re talking to your friend, asking for spoilers, and they describe the boss fight. It boils down to this: An unthinkable amount of city rats chew a giant alien starfish from both outside its body and inside its eyeball.

You wouldn’t believe your friend, would you? That’s how ludicrously genius this kill is. The major antagonist of the movie is defeated and devoured by real-life tiny creatures with nothing but numbers and sharp teeth on their side. It’s impressive. It’s outlandish. And it’s the perfect ending to The Suicide Squad.

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