Meet this week’s Featured Collector

Raul G.

Location: Montreal, Quebec, CA

Started Collecting: I’ve been a collector for as long as I remember. I had almost, if not all of the toys from every Disney movie I liked while I was growing up. I still remember the night when my father got home and gave me my first Star Wars figures (Kenner – Luke in pilot’s outfit and Rebel Hoth Soldier) and when my parents took me to watch Episode I.
When I was around 12 I started to save money from my lunch to buy 3 3/4″ figures; I got up to 700 figures. Then in 2012 I won a Superman Hot Toys in a raffle and everything changed. I fell in love with sixth scale. One morning I woke up and decided to sell all of my 3 3/4″ figures, and with that money I started to acquire Star Wars Collectible sixth scale figures from Sideshow.