First Look: DLX Iron Man Mark 50 by Threezero

Just ahead of the figure’s worldwide release, Sideshow’s newest UNBOXING VIDEO gives fans an up-close look at Threezero’s latest figure: the DLX Iron Man Mark 50 Collectible Figure, honoring Earth’s Greatest Defender and his role in Marvel Studios’ Infinity Saga.

Take a closer look at everything from the figure packaging to the range of articulation and variety of accessories included in this highly anticipated release with the unboxing video below.

Unboxing the Figure

The DLX Iron Man Mark 50 Collectible Figure by Threezero adopts the classic colors of red and gold and with a multilayer coating process. It also expertly replicates the ingenious design of the nanotechnology suit that appeared in Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War.

This fully articulated collectible figure is constructed through Threezero’s renowned DLX diecast system with 48 points of articulation. Detailed structural engineering and exquisite design enable the figure to depict a variety of action poses while maintaining a realistic appearance.

LED lighting functions are located on the chest and the eyes, and the two flight panels on the back can flip to open and closed. Additional equipment and accessories include five pairs of interchangeable hands, effect parts for shooting and flight poses, and a DLX action stand. All these astounding features allow for a wide variety of display possibilities!

Iron Man Mark 50, Avengers: Infinity War

The Mark L, or Mark 50, is the fiftieth Iron Man suit created by renowned genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist Tony Stark. More advanced than many of the previous armors, the Mark 50 is stored within a detachable Arc Reactor that fits into Tony’s chest. It is also made primarily of Nanotech, a technology that is both adaptable and durable.

Using the Mark 50, Iron Man is able to battle the Mad Titan Thanos. The armor protects this Avenger, preventing him from taking any mortal damage from his greatest foe. In fact, Tony uses the Mark 50 system to stop Thanos from closing his fist to use the Infinity Gauntlet — an extremely impressive feat for an “ordinary” human.

What’s in the Box?

The DLX Iron Man Mark 50 Collectible Figure features:

  • Approximately 6.9” (~17.5 cm) tall
  • 48 points of articulation
  • Detachable forearms
  • Two foldable air flaps on the back
  • Compatible with DLX Iron Man Mark 50 Accessory Pack (sold separately)


  • 5 pairs of interchangeable hands:
    • One pair of fists
    • One pair of relaxed hands
    • One pair of shooting hands
    • One pair of shooting hands for attaching the effects
    • One pair of hands for holding weapons
  • One energy blade
  • One pair of Nano-Katar connected with extra hands
  • Two pairs of effect parts:
    • one pair of shooting effects
    • one pair of flying effects (for the feet)
  • One DLX action stand

LED Features:

  • Eyes
  • Chest

Companion Pieces

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You can’t have Tony Stark without his BFF! The DLX scale Iron Patriot Collectible Figure by Threezero features James Rhodes armored up and ready to defend the universe from every threat. The Colonel has been by Tony’s side through the best and worst, and now they can stand side by side in your Marvel collectibles display!

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