First Look: Sixth Scale Transport Trooper from Hot Toys

Just ahead of its worldwide release, Sideshow’s newest FIRST LOOK VIDEO gives fans an up-close look at the Transport Trooper, a new sixth scale collectible figure from Hot Toys!

First appearing in the second season of Star Wars: The Mandalorian, in “Chapter 15: The Believer,” the Transport Troopers are in charge of operating juggernaut transport vehicles. Their armor is also the perfect disguise for a certain Mandalorian™ looking for a stolen asset.

Learn more below about the Transport Trooper, a Star Wars sixth scale collectible you don’t want to miss!

Transport Trooper Sixth Scale Figure

“Are you seriously shooting a blaster near rhydonium?” – Mayfeld™

The Transport Trooper is the pilot of an Imperial Combat Assault Transport, otherwise known as a juggernaut. These Imperial tanks are responsible for transporting highly volatile and explosive rhydonium™ to the remnant Imperial refinery on the planet of Morak™. While rhydonium already adds considerable danger to the mission, Din Djarin™ and his squad give the Transport Troopers much more than they bargained for.

Hot Toys’ highly accurate collectible figure is specially crafted based on the Transport Trooper as seen in The Mandalorian — featuring a skillfully developed helmet and armor, a fabric undersuit, a blaster, and a display base with Star Wars logo! With over 30 points of articulation and multiple pairs of interchangeable hands, these Imperial troopers are ready for anything and everything on the battlefield.

What’s in the Box?

The Transport Trooper Sixth Scale Figure from Hot Toys features:

  • Authentic and detailed likeness of Transport Trooper in Star Wars: The Mandalorian
  • Newly developed helmet and finely crafted body armor with specially applied distress effects
  • Body with over 30 points of articulation
  • Approximately 31 cm tall
  • 6 pieces of interchangeable black-colored gloved hands including:
    • One pair of fists
    • One pair of relaxed hands
    • One pair of hands for holding pistol
  • Figure stand with Star Wars logo and character nameplate
  • One blaster pistol


  • One newly crafted Transport Trooper armor with weathering effects
  • One dark green-colored long-sleeve shirt with weathering effects
  • One red-colored bicep armor for upper right arm
  • One Transport Trooper belt
  • One pair of dark green-colored pants with weathering effects
  • One pair of dark green-colored armored boots with weathering effects

Companion Troopers

In the ongoing mission to uphold the Empire’s legacy, a Transport Trooper needs all the help they can get. Especially when they’re up against The Mandalorian and The Child! That’s why it’s always a good idea to call in the reinforcements! Provide your Transport Trooper some backup with other Hot Toys sixth scale collectibles, like the Shoretrooper Squad Leader and the Shoretrooper figure. Need someone with a little more speed? Add the Scout Trooper and Speeder Bike Sixth Scale Figure Set to your Imperial squadron. All figures available for shipping now!

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