Friday the 13th: Jason’s Most Monstrous Murders

Jason Voorhees was born in a small town called Crystal Lake. He was an outcast, bullied and beaten by other children. They even threw him into Crystal Lake to drown him.

None of the camp counselors noticed, and Jason’s mother never forgave them. She murdered them, and mourned Jason for the rest of her life. She never knew that Jason was secretly surviving on his own in a crude shack in the forest, waiting for her to find him. Eventually, Jason seeks revenge on all those who wronged him and his family, and all those unwelcome in Crystal Lake.

Jason Voorhees has around 150 kills across all of his movies, crossovers, and violent escapades. Here are some of the most memorable. Is your Friday the 13th favorite on the list?

His First Kill

The ice pick is arguably the most important weapon that Jason has ever used. It is the very first way that he kills one of his victims. It took time and effort, but he eventually tracks down Alice Hardy, the girl who murdered his mother, Pamela Voorhees.

Jason Voorhees uses the ice pick to get revenge on the careless camp counselor, and shows off his brutish strength for the first time. From then on, he chose to protect Camp Crystal Lake from any trespassers or unwelcome visitors.

It’s All Downhill From Here

In Friday the 13th Part 2, Mark Jarvis was an athlete. After a terrible motorcycle accident, he lost use of his legs. He was a hardworking camp counselor in training, and an all around nice guy. But being nice didn’t stop Jason from slashing his signature machete into Mark’s face. That was only the beginning.

Jason followed it up by rolling Mark’s wheelchair down an entire staircase in the pouring rain. Jason Voorhees shows a brutality in this film that we had never seen before, and shows off his near superhuman abilities all at once.

One Hit K.O.

In Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, Julias Gaw is a top notch boxer. In fact, he’s the best at Lake View High school. He loves boxing so much that he even spends his time boxing on the S.S. Lazarus cruise ship during his class’ graduation party.

When he’s cornered and comes face to face with Jason on the top of a building, he does all he can to box his way out of it. He uses all of his skill, and punches so hard his knuckles bleed, and still, all it takes is one swift uppercut for Jason to decapitate the boxing champ.

Sleep Tight

Judith “Judy” Williams and her boyfriend Dan were both camping near Crystal Lake campgrounds. Judy was waiting in her tent for her boyfriend to come back with firewood. When Jason rips the tent with his machete, she hides in her sleeping bag and without missing a beat, Jason grabs the sleeping bag and smacks her against a tree with his super strength.

Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood had to cut back on some of the more recklessly gruesome scenes, but it all works out for the best, because it shows how truly strong Jason Voorhees is. It only took him one punch to decapitate someone, and it only took one wide swing against a random tree to completely decimate poor Judy.

Fun fact: This is actor Kane Hodder’s favorite kill!

Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

In Freddy vs. Jason, dream demon Freddy Krueger uses Jason Voorhees to sneak back into the real world and gain power on Elm Street once again. Freddy convinces Jason to murder someone away from his usual Camp Crystal Lake.

When Jason shows up on Elm Street, he goes to Lori Campbell’s house and stabs Trey multiple times with his machete. If that isn’t enough, he folds the queen-sized bed in half, cracking Trey’s spine backwards. It shows just how strong and just how vile Jason really is.

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