Gastonia Gets a Prehistoric Production Gallery Update!

The next specimen in Sideshow’s Dinosauria line is shipping soon, and we have a production gallery update on the Gastonia Statue!

This series is dedicated to celebrating our favorite dinosaurs, which have long captured the imagination of popular culture- from Jurassic Park to Walking with Dinosaurs.  Sideshow’s artists bring these prehistoric figures to life in museum-quality statue displays, full of history and legend.

The Gastonia Statue features a strong, spiked member of the ankylosaurian family of herbivores that used to roam North America around 125 million years ago.  Its massive, tank-like body is heavily armored with spines and a thick, wide torso and a scaly texture from tip to tail.

The Sideshow exclusive edition of the statue includes a removable, swap-out spine with a Pterosaur attached.  The exclusive is still available for Pre-Order.

Don’t miss your chance to Pre-Order this Prehistoric statue shipping soon.  The Dinosauria Gastonia Statue will make the perfect armored addition to any collection of creatures or display dedicated to dinosaurs.  Get this one before it’s extinct!