HR Giger Museum Gives Approval to CoolProps Alien Head Replica

Giger's Alien Life-Size Replica

CoolProps has announced an exciting update to their prop replica of Giger’s Alien Life-Size Head.  This creepy collectible has the approval of the HR Giger museum in Switzerland, and now collectors will have an opportunity to bring home more of the incredible Alien legacy with this replica.

Each Giger’s Alien Life-Size Head Prop Replica in the edition will come with a certificate of authenticity from Musem HR Giger, hand-signed by the museum director and wife of Giger, Carmen Giger Scheifele herself.

Museum HR Giger is located in Gruyeres, Switzerland, and was established in 1998 by HR Giger himself as a way to maintain and permanently display his collected art works.  It houses many of his key pieces of artwork such as paintings and sculpture, and the museum also includes a gallery which curates the work of other artists.

This museum-approved Alien Life-Size Head replica by CoolProps brings to life the terrifying portrait of the eponymous Alien that took the lives of the Nostromo crew in the hit film from 1979.  The haunting creature is still recognized and beloved by fans worldwide thanks to Giger’s signature biomechanical art aesthetic.  CoolProps developed this replica faithfully with reference from the actual Alien head from Giger’s workshop, and the piece features a transparent dome produced with modern methods of achieving the sculpture.

The Giger’s Alien Life-Size Head Replica by CoolProps, complete with hand-signed certificate of authenticity, is available for Pre-Order right HERE.  If you’re looking for a little more space in your collection, check out some Alien collectibles available through Sideshow, click HERE.