Halloween Kills: Who Has Survived Michael Myers?

Halloween Kills, the twelfth installment in the Halloween franchise, brings together three generations of victims to defeat their greatest foe: the un-killable Michael Myers. Final girls Laurie, Karen, and Allyson Strode, as well as a group of other survivors, decide to hunt this murderer and end his decades of terror.

But who are these survivors, and how did they escape the infamous killer’s knife? Let’s break down their stories below* and see what it takes to outrun Michael’s unending terror.

*This blog will only reference the original and modern timeline films, encompassing the currently canon Halloween (1978), Halloween (2018), and Halloween Kills (2021) continuity.

The Strode Women

Laurie Strode is the sole survivor of Michael Myers’ 1978 killing spree. She is a teenager living in the town of Haddonfield, Illinois, at the time of his first escape and subsequent Halloween massacre. On October 31, Michael witnesses Laurie dropping off a key at his abandoned childhood home. He then stalks her, killing many of her friends along the way before injuring her during a chase sequence. She flees, stabs him with a knitting needle, runs, is found again, and then stabs Michael with both a coat hanger and his own knife. In their final confrontation, Laurie unmasks Michael, and Dr. Loomis (Michael’s psychiatrist) shoots the escaped patient six times. Laurie escapes with her her life — but so does Michael.

The events in her hometown leave Laurie suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and alcoholism. Still living in a reinforced house in Haddonfield in 2018, Laurie has an estranged daughter named Karen Nelson as well as a granddaughter named Allyson. Karen is dismissive and suspicious of her mother’s fears until she and Allyson have to confront the masked killer following his escape from prison. Laurie saves her family even though she gets stabbed by Michael in the process. In a final display of bravery, strength, and determination, the three Strode women manage to chain Michael Myers in a basement and set the house ablaze. Hitchhiking to safety, the trio watch the fire, comforted by the knowledge that they’ve finally escaped Laurie’s boogeyman.

In the post-credits scene, Michael’s heavy breathing is heard to indicate that he survived. The trailer for Halloween Kills confirms he lives and is ready to continue killing, which leads to the revenge/reunion plot of this latest film.

Tommy Doyle and Lindsey Wallace

In the original Halloween (1978), Laurie is babysitting Tommy Doyle and Lindsey Wallace on the night that Michael Myers attacks. Since Michael never pursues the kids, Laurie is considered the sole survivor of his murder spree, but Tommy and Lindsey were instrumental in Laurie’s survival.

They hide while Michael is in the house but, when asked to by Laurie, they call for help. The children are just as horrified and traumatized by the event as their babysitter. We last see them running from the house before Loomis intervenes, and these characters don’t appear in Halloween (2018).

Despite their disappearance from the story, Tommy and Lindsey return in Halloween Kills as part of the group prepared to take down Michael Myers once and for all. Tommy wields a baseball bat, and Lindsey is even shown right in the clutches of the masked killer, shouting “Do it!” as he presses down a knife toward her chest. We’ll see if these two make it through Michael’s latest massacre.

Julian Morrisey

In Halloween (2018), Julian Morrisey tells his babysitter Vicky — Allyson’s best friend — that he sees someone in the hallway standing outside his bedroom door. Although Julian warns Vicky and Dave about the intruder, Michael Myers kills the babysitter and her boyfriend. Julian only catches a small glimpse of Michael Myers, but that’s enough to send him sprinting downstairs and out the door. Fast and smart, Julian flees his home, managing to survive Michael thanks to the teens’ sacrifice.

Marion Chambers

Nurse Marion Chambers assists Dr. Loomis at Smith’s Grove Sanitarium. Her initial appearance is brief; she and the doctor arrive on a rainy night to escort Michael to a court hearing, but Michael steals their car. Marion is terrorized (but not killed) by Michael during his escape. It’s clear by her role in Halloween Kills that she cannot move past the incident or Michael’s subsequent massacres after her unwilling and unwitting aide.

Deputy Frank Hawkins

He is the man who arrests Michael Myers in the ’70s, but Deputy Frank Hawkins isn’t exactly a direct victim of Michael Myers. Instead, Hawkins is stabbed and run over by Dr. Sartain, an obsessive Myers fan who orchestrated Michael’s escape from prison in 2018. This officer survives to pursue justice in the newest installment.

Lonnie Elam

Lonnie Elam’s brief-but-chilling encounter with Michael Myers is pictured above. In the original film, he’s running outside of the school and bumps into Michael. The killer holds him for a moment before releasing him. Lonnie is considered a survivor because he came face-to-mask with the killer and lived to bully Tommy Doyle another day.

His only other scene in the film is one where he stands brazenly on the Myers porch to prove his courage, but no real danger results from the stunt. Still, he’s willing to stand with the other Haddonfield victims in Halloween Kills, hopefully helping them with their desired outcome: the end of Michael Myers.

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